Wedding Design

Decisive question for couples who’ve started planning their beach wedding but are still looking for an event design that feels like them…

Wedding Design

Decisive question for couples who’ve started planning their beach wedding but are still looking for an event design that feels like them…

Picture yourself…

live at the beach wedding of your dreams.

Experiencing the one day that tells your story as a couple.

Does look like a cookie-cutter replica of Disney’s The Little Mermaid (tiki torches notwithstanding 😉 )?

Well, we kinda’ expected that resounding “NO”.

Every day, hundreds of weddings are taking place that look like they were designed based on the same Pinterest board.

Do you wonder…

“Will mine look and feel just like them?”

If you want WITHOUT A DOUBT…

…to have a wedding that will turn your guests awestruck and leave you feeling like your whole life was leading to this one day.

And yet…

…your current wedding preparations feel like they are lacking the puzzle piece that should bring everything together in one movie-worthy concept.

Then Keep Reading…

Cause what follows could EASILY be the most pivotal moment you look back on a few months from now when you enter your wedding venue and take a deep breath in amazement.

But first…


do so many weddings look and feel the same?

Is it because their mood board falls in a general category?

Like traditional. Or boho. Or modern.

Or because they take place in a certain location type – be it beach bar or high-end restaurant?
Or maybe it happens because they were decorated by the same designer?

And what...

is it that makes a wedding NOT feel…


Read on and we’ll share what our 13 years of experience have revealed. Because…

Let’s be real!
You don’t want that. We don’t want that for you.

We want you to have creative freedom over your wedding design

When you enter the venue, you should feel your personality expressed through every nook and cranny of the location, through every centerpiece, every flowery or wooden decoration.

You deserve your invitations and wedding memorabilia to feel worthy of sticking to your fridge with magnets.

And to be perfectly honest, at this point in your wedding planning, you deserve to have this experience go smoothly.

Late night venting to your partner about mismatched decorative odds and ends should be replaced with the sound of champagne glasses, cheering over a wedding design that you both feel amazing about.

So, without further ado…

…we’re excited to disclose that in our 13 years of wedding planning, we’ve found…

The secret to a wedding that places you in the spotlight is…

Creating harmony between your custom wedding theme & your custom wedding concept.

Wait, what’s the difference between theme and concept?

The wedding theme…

represents the chosen style that will be found in all the elements that will make up the decor, from invitations, testimonials, to floral arrangements.

It can be a quote, a flower, a song, a chosen color palette, a favorite look that can be vintage or retro, and the list goes on.

It is very important that the theme expresses your personality and values, has a personal meaning so that it can be easily integrated into the decor of the event.

The wedding concept…

is the essence of an idea.

Before making a decision it is important to take time and think about what you stand for and against and what emotions you want to convey on the day of the event.

They will define the atmosphere, the design and the rest of the details.

In order for all elements to come together harmoniously (invitations, testimonials, bridal bouquet, dress, costumes, arrangements, flowers, color palette, music, etc.) we advise you to start by defining your vision and choosing a concept that suits you.


Well, maybe a little bit. But don’t worry…

We will be with you throughout the creative process, helping you put all the necessary components together.

Everything was perfect...

“Hello Andreea & Ramona! We first of all want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the collaboration, the effort, the fact that you fulfilled even our tinyest wishes so that we could have a dream day! Everything was perfect, we are extremely glad that we chose to have you with us and our guests did not hesitate to express their admiration for the wonderful decor and attention to detail. We all felt like we were in a fairy tale by the sea! 😀 The questions regarding the organizers were not slow to come either, and we gladly recommend you to all those interested. We wish you a wonderful autumn with beautiful events! Sending you warm hugs!”
For the future bride and groom: “For those who are from Constanța and generally from the Black Sea coast or have in mind a wedding with a marine theme and do not live in Romania, like me, the girls from Nunta la mare are the 8th wonder of the world. 😄 From the invitations, bridal and godmother bouquets, groom and godfather accessories, wedding candles, to restaurant/terrace decorations, candy bar and a few bridal treats that I allowed myself 😬 all materialized thanks to their special attention to detail (note to perfectionists 😉) and punctuality. They made our day gorgeous without us having to worry that something/anything will be out of place or forgotten. "In service of the bride and groom" seems to be the motto of the Nunta la mare team, and those who think that they don't need an event planner and that they will do everything themselves, take my word for it that it will never come out as beautifully as when someone applies a concept from beginning to end. Compliments and admiration have flowed in and we ourselves are forever in love with the setting of our wedding and forever grateful to the girls for everything they did for us.”

I had my dream wedding

“I had my dream wedding, my feet deep in the sand, thanks to Ramona and Andreea. It only took a few meetings for them to understand and then accomplish exactly what we wanted. A wonderful setting, gorgeous floral arrangements, everything thought out in detail. The girls from the Nunta la mare team are very discreet and full of common sense! They directed us to the best service providers (delicious cake, a photographer who took unique pictures, in tune with the wedding). For us, the Nunta la mare team managed to build a wonderful memory. We have a wedding that we will talk about for years to come! Thank you! You are wonderful!”

We appreciated and loved every detail

“Dear Ramona,
Thank you for being our eyes and imagination, thank you for the concept, theme, and decor. We appreciated and loved every detail. Thank you for your patience, understanding and professionalism. We are so glad to have met you and thank you for your imagination. We managed to have the same vision, which was wonderful. We hope to see you again one day! You are wonderful!
Delia, Daniel & Ezra”

Who am I to promise this design deepdive & extravaganza, anyway?

Hi! I’m Ramona!

When I’m not enjoying some beach time with my husband, George and son Albert, or sipping on single origin coffee or margaritas, I launch 5-star wedding planning businesses. 😉

On a rainy October evening, all the way back in 2010, I was swirling around a glass of wine and the conviction that I want to create memorable moments of beauty & connection.

That moment turned into the foundation of

Nunta La Mare.

13 years down the line, what drives me to always give my all to each wedding planning project is a mix of the love shared by my clients, their appreciation for nature and the shared feeling of freedom that the sea instills within us.

During these 13 years, I have planned 300+ weddings, creating unique, immersive experiences for the bride, groom, their families & guests.

And if you allow me to, here’s how I plan on creating this for you, too…

how professional the process was

What an absolutely wonderful experience we had working with Ramona and the Nunta La Mare team for our September 2022 wedding! If I could give 7 stars here, I would give them all, 7 times! 🤩 We wanted a wedding that was more... non-conformist in our style: we travel 6-10 months a year, we work freelance and haven't had offices since 2017 and 2019 respectively, we believe in freedom, people and the care we have for each other, but also for the planet. And we love parties, music and good will. 🤓 We wanted all these things to be reflected in an event that [at least, hopefully] we will not have the opportunity to organize again. 🙂 But because we were in Asia when we got engaged and started the preparations with the organization, we soon realized that we would not be able to deal with it remotely, especially since we were only going to return to Europe after 6 months, with only 3 months before the wedding - oh, and...we don't even live in Romania. 🙂 So, on the advice of a friend, I arrived at Nunta La Mare. We had a first consultation with Ramona Macovei, after which we received many, many valuable informations, from locations to suppliers, decor and budget, and we realized that it would be impossible for us to handle everything remotely, as I wrote - plus, we wouldn't have had time for that in addition to the rest of the day-to-day stuff, so we decided to work with Nunta La Mare. During the 9 months, Ramona and her team worked behind the scenes to find the perfect location [Sandalandala in Vama Veche], the perfect menu, the perfect suppliers [music, entertainment, hair & make-up, you name it] and to brings them all together in a unique new concept. We really appreciated how organized the girls were, how professional the process was, how much they represented our concept and how gorgeous the decor turned out... especially how it didn't even feel like they put in as much effort from us submitted these people to make everything come out as we imagined... and more. On the big day, having everything prepared down to the last detail, carefully chosen to represent us and the things and values that guide us, we only took care of the preparations at home, then we arrived at the location. And although we knew how the place would look like and how the program would go, we were constantly moved by the cool atmosphere these people had created for us.💓 We're grateful to the core for how hard they worked so that it didn't even feel like there was any effort - not only did everything go smoothly, we were just responsible for making ourselves feel good, so we had fun day and night enjoying, dancing and hanging out with our loved ones until morning! Thank you once again for absolutely everything, Ramona, George and Andreea and good luck in the future!✨Dearly, Ioana & Denis”

Welcome to the stage…

Shell and Sand Weddingscapes

The Nunta La Mare beach wedding design service.

We’ve invested the last 13 years learning from the industry experts & applying international best wedding design practices to help craft your wedding into a remarkable & memorable day…

… that reflects your personality & vision as a couple.

There’s a saying that goes something like this…

“there’s no point in working hard to reach a high peak if it’s not your mountain that you’re climbing”.

This applies to many things in life, including wedding design.

A wedding can be beautiful, even crazy impressive, but still leave you feeling like you & your new spouse are mere participants, not the guests of honor.

That’s why Shell and Sand Weddingscapes is centered around your own…

To respond to your different needs and budgets we have 3 different packages for our wedding design services.

All the guests had a blast

“Hello! 🤗 We wanted to thank you very much for your effort, the event turned out exactly as we wanted! From the wedding on the beach to the restaurant decorations, the candy bar, and the beautiful flowers, the music was very good and the food as well! All the guests had a blast, and that's mostly because of you! Thanks again! With love, Alina and Andrei!🌈🍾”

wonderful decoration

“We sincerely thank Ramona and the entire Nunta La Mare team. You have painstakingly created a wonderful decoration, and the bouquets will forever remain precious memories kept in a place of honor in our home. Sending you hugs and wishing that you bring every bride and groom at least as much joy as you brought us and our guests.”

...everything was wonderful

“Hello girls, how are you doing? We are back in sunny England (really, for once 🙂 ) and I can finally sit down and write to you. (…..). I'm really sorry I didn't get to you before because I would have hugged you both for everything you did for us, everything was wonderful. I will recommend you as much as I can to everyone, a lot of people asked me who made me that gorgeous bouquet of flowers, who took care of the decoration, etc. (……) 😀 Sending you hugs kisses and thanking you from the bottom of my heart once again for everything!” For the bride and groomi: “I've heard that planning a wedding is a very stressful process. We have no way of knowing this, the girls from Nunta la mare did everything for us, with minimal instructions, and in the end, everything exceeded expectations. So if you have any doubts, I wholeheartedly recommend you take advantage of their offer and go meet them. They are warm and kind and Ramona makes, hands down, the most beautiful flower bouquets. ❤️”

Your Weddingscape Packages

All of the packages include:

  • Tablecloths/table runners & napkins from different materials
  • Central arrangement which can either be a single support, such as a vase or bowl, or a mix of elements like bottles, candles, and thematic accessories, depending on your preference.
  • Place cards, gift envelopes, menus, table numbers *We provide graphics for all wedding stationery taking into account the theme and concept of the event.
  • Tablecloths/table runners & napkins from different materials
  • Flower arrangement holders
  • Gift chest/case
  • Various thematic elements and accessories specific to the wedding party table
  • Candles in glass holders according to the regulations in force or candles with LEDs

The customizable packages come with even more decorating items and design alternatives.

The Essential Weddingscape

Applies to couples who do not necessarily want a concept but rather focus on a specific wedding theme or style, but reimagined through our decorations. For example weddings with marine theme/style, travel, greenery, vintage, rustic, boho chic, etc. Emphasis is placed on key elements of the standard theme rather than personal customization. To create the concept and decorations, only the existing accessories in the NUNTA LA MARE portfolio will be used without any other modifications (refurbished, painted, etc.).

For up to 80 guests
Starting at
EUR 2.900
Any additional person beyond 80: EUR 20

The Personal Weddingscape

Applies to couples who want a personal touch to their wedding theme with slight personal customizations. Or who want to combine two concepts harmoniously. For example, a Universe/Galaxy wedding concept, Great Gatsby, Festival with a combination of marine themes, travel, etc. For the creation of the concept and decorations, only the existing accessories in the NUNTA LA MARE portfolio will be used, to which various modifications will be made to fit the concept of the event: reconditioning, painting in other colors, shape modification, personalized texts, etc.

For up to 80 guests
Starting at
EUR 3.600
Any additional person beyond 80: EUR 25

The Bespoke Weddingscape

Applies to events with very different concepts and customized to the smallest detail. For example, concepts such as From Dusk Till Dawn or Zen and Zest: A Japanese – Spanish Fairytale Wedding by the Sea, that were tailored based on the couples personalities and preferences. To create the concept and decorations, both the existing accessories in the NUNTA LA MARE portfolio will be used, to which various modifications will be made to fit the concept of the event: reconditioning, painting in other colors, shape modification, etc., as well as new accessories specific to the concept.

For up to 80 guests
Starting at
EUR 4.800
Any additional person beyond 80: EUR 35

None of the packages include floral arrangements, which can be commissioned separately based on your preferences, wedding theme & season.
Each of the packages allows various add-ons such as our Al Fresco Beach Ceremony package.

Too much information?

Still unsure which Weddingscape package you need?

So were many of our clients when they first forayed into the glittery lands of wedding design.

This is why, we recommend first booking our Beach Wedding Consultation.

A 60-minute call with our head wedding planner & event designer, Ramona, who will walk you through the above bullet points & many more details of their kind.

A call which will guide you towards identifying and harmonizing your wedding concept & theme, whether you choose to book one of our packages at the end or not.

A consultation where you can tell your story & ask your questions, so that we can point you to the best options for your needs and budget.

Everything went perfectly

“As a man, you cannot grasp the importance of decorations and flowers unless you have a developed feminine side. I haven't got one, so I want to thank the team for the amazing smile they left on my wife's face at the sight of the flowers and the arrangements at the restaurant. Everything went perfectly, one meeting was enough for this team to read our hearts desires. They took care of everything down to the smallest detail and I can't point to any lack or problem of collaboration or ideas. From bows to intricate arrangements, they made the impossible possible. Their theme words are: respect, professionals, beautiful people, dedication, attention, and openness to new things. Thank you for everything and I will invite Cătălina to complete with a more detailed review! FLOWER POWER!!!!!”

The most talented!

“The most talented! Thanks to you I had a storylike wedding!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything!!!”

you earned our trust

“It was WONDERFUL!!! The communication during the event was perfect, you earned our trust and did not disappoint us, on the contrary! The bouquets, crowns, decorations overwhelmed us! Excellent recommended suppliers! Everything went smoothly, but most of all we were glad to have you with us! Thank you to the entire Nunta la mare team for a fairytale wedding, it was like a beautiful dream come true!”

"wow, I've never seen anything like this!"

“Thank you very much for everything! All the accessories were special, extremely beautiful, and highly appreciated - the general expression was "wow, I've never seen anything like this!". 🙂 Thank you once again and we wish you much success in what you do, the fact that you delight eyes and hearts with your wonders is a great thing!”

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