Terms and Conditions Of Use www.nuntalamare.ro

The following Terms and Conditions are entered into between:

NUNTA LA MARE SRL, registered at the Trade Register under no. J13/3213/2017, CUI RO38248187, with headquarters in Mangalia, Maior Gh. Șonțu Street, no. 4 B, Constanța, email: nuntalamareromania@gmail.com, and DRAGOSTE DE MARE SRL, registered at the Trade Register under no. J13/536/2023, CUI 47636862, with headquarters in Mangalia, street Maior Gh. Șonțu no. 4 B, Constanța, known under the commercial brand and hereinafter collectively referred to as “Nunta La Mare” or “we”,


You, in your capacity as a user of the website www.nuntalamare.ro and all its subdomains.


1.1.  Nunta La Mare operates a website accessible at the address www.nuntalamare.ro and all of its subdomains (hereinafter referred to as the “site”).

1.2. This document contains the general terms and conditions for the use of the site, which apply to all users, regardless of their status, and also defines their rights and obligations in their relationship with the site and the services offered by us through the site, as buyers.

1.3. Please carefully read these Terms and Conditions, as accessing and/or using the site implies your unlimited acceptance and complete compliance with them, along with the Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of these terms.

1.4. If you do not agree with these conditions, please exit the site and/or cease using it.


2.1. site – represents the website accessible at the address www.nuntalamare.ro (and all its subdomains) through which you can learn more about us and our evolution over time, receive useful information about organizing your wedding in locations on the Romanian coast, and purchase online consultancy services, as well as professional digital content for organizing your own wedding on the Romanian coast.

2.2. user – represents any natural person who accesses the site, is 18 (eighteen) years of age or older, and has the capacity to contract.

2.3. client – represents any person who enters into a contract with us, either through the website or by signing a contract.

2.4. services – represent all services, digital or physically provided, marketed by Nunta La Mare.

2.5. digital service – represents a service that has one of the following characteristics:

a) allows the creation, processing, storage, or access to data in digital format;
b) enables the exchange of data in digital format uploaded or created by the users of that service or any other interaction with this data.

2.6. digital content – represents data produced and provided in digital format following the purchase of the right to use/license on the site.

2.7. products – represent all the content and services, digital or physically provided, marketed by Nunta La Mare.

2.8. order – represents the request for products placed by the user on the site.

2.9. transaction – represents the user’s process of purchasing products following an order, completed by making a payment with a card through the site.

2.10. consumer – represents any natural person who acts for purposes outside their commercial, industrial, artisanal, or professional activity.

2.11. total price – represents the price of the ordered products plus all associated costs and taxes.

2.12. social media accounts – represent the accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and/or any other social network.

2.13. working day – represents any day from Monday to Friday, inclusive, except for legal holidays, during the hours of 09:00 – 17:00. The terms expressed in working days are calculated starting from the working day immediately following the day when any activity was recorded. For precision, we mention that if non-working days (weekends, national holidays, etc.) are included in the term calculation, they are not taken into account for those terms.


3.1. As a user, you commit to accessing and using the site (as well as each of its existing and future functionalities) in a reasonable manner, in good faith, and in accordance with the laws and regulations in force at the time of use, as well as the terms of this document. You commit, in particular, not to use the site in such a way as to in any way violate intellectual property rights (copyright, trademarks, design, etc.), human rights (image, respect, privacy, etc.), as well as fundamental rights and freedoms.

3.2. As a user, you are solely responsible for any direct or indirect damages you may suffer or cause due to inaccurate, incomplete, and/or misleading information that you provide when placing an order or making payments, or if you do not update them, or by using the site incorrectly or contrary to the laws and/or these terms, assuming full responsibility in this regard.


4.1. The sole purpose of the site is to provide necessary information to couples wishing to have a wedding by the sea in Romania, allowing them to organize it themselves or with our assistance or that of other wedding event organizers, taking into account certain important aspects and the existing reality on the Romanian coast.

4.2. On the site, each product may include a brief description and the associated price. If you want to learn more about the product sold by us, you can contact us at the address displayed on the site or through the contact form.

4.3. NUNTA LA MARE SRL and DRAGOSTE DE MARE SRL will not be jointly and severally liable for their obligations. Mainly, DRAGOSTE DE MARE SRL will sell the digital services that can be purchased through the website and event organization services, and DRAGOSTE DE MARE SRL will sell the services related to decorations, design, floral arrangements, etc. When purchasing a service (either prior to online payment confirmation or through the service contract provided to you), the merchant’s name will be expressly indicated.

4.4. If, by mistake, the prices displayed on the site are incorrect or if we no longer offer a service indicated on the site, we will notify you immediately, and you will have the option to cancel the order if you no longer wish to complete the transaction at the new prices or with a similar product. If you have already made a payment, we can refund the paid amount, or we can accept the transaction as originally completed.

4.5. Nunta La Mare may refuse your presence on the site if we believe that you are abusing the products as explained on the site and in this document, and/or not following the instructions on the site and in this document regarding their use, or if there are suspicions of fraud. Nunta La Mare may restrict your access to the site without prior notice. The restriction of your access may be preceded by warnings based on the severity of the violation, as applicable, at our exclusive discretion.

4.6. Nunta La Mare reserves the right, without notice or compensation, to temporarily or permanently close the site or to interrupt access to and/or the sale of one or more products for the purpose of verifying, updating, or changing operational methods, servers, services, and hours of accessibility, without this list being exhaustive, but without failing to fulfill ongoing obligations if technically possible or as soon as possible otherwise.

4.7. Nunta La Mare reserves the right to make all changes and improvements to the site that it deems necessary or useful for its proper operation at any time and without prior notice. The changes will be brought to your attention by their mere implementation on the site, as long as they do not concern significant changes in your rights and obligations, and they will be deemed accepted to the extent that you continue to use the site, and by updating the site’s usage policies, where applicable. Therefore, Nunta La Mare does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information, software products, and products on the site or used by the site.

4.8. You expressly agree to Nunta La Mare’s assignment of any rights and obligations you have under the use of the site and the products sold by us to any third party, without imposing new obligations on you that you did not accept at the time of placing the order and/or completing the transaction. These situations may include, for example, a merger and/or acquisition process, the engagement of a subcontractor by Nunta La Mare to fulfill certain obligations, or other similar situations. Nunta La Mare does not guarantee the execution of the contract once the total assignment of your rights and obligations takes effect.

4.9. You commit not to make any unfounded and malicious assessments of the site and/or us, which could be derogatory, with the purpose of damaging the image of our products and/or activities and/or tarnishing our reputation (including that of our staff) and/or that of other users.

4.10. The use of offensive, defamatory, compromising, racist, unethical, immoral, or hate-inciting language and the publication of content that violates public order or the rights of third parties, other users, and that could affect our rights, reputation, and image, and in general, content that violates the law, especially criminal law or is contrary to customs or morals, is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to delete any such content. Additionally, any threats, insults, racist or sexist statements will be deleted.

4.11. In case of violation of any legal or contractual obligations according to this document, you will be held accountable to Nunta La Mare for all damages caused, whether directly or indirectly.

4.12. Nunta La Mare makes every effort to ensure access and proper operation of the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, given the limitations of the internet, Nunta La Mare cannot exclude the possibility that access to the site and its operation may be interrupted, especially in cases of force majeure, user equipment failures, failures in the users’ internet network, maintenance, and improvement operations of the site. Nunta La Mare is not responsible for any interruption of the site, whether voluntary or not, specifying that it commits to minimizing any interruptions for which it may be held responsible.

4.13. Nunta La Mare is not responsible for any inaccuracies or errors, nor for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the site that was not due to its own wrongful conduct.

4.14. The user agrees to release and not take legal action against Nunta La Mare, and its external collaborators, regarding any claims raised by a third party resulting from the user’s use of the site, as well as for any loss (direct, indirect, consequential, or otherwise), costs, actions, lawsuits, claims, damages, expenses (including legal expenses), or other liabilities suffered in any way or directly caused by the site and/or us, as well as external collaborators, as a result of the user’s violation or disregard of these Terms and Conditions or any applicable legal provisions.

4.15. Nunta La Mare will be liable for damages caused by the intentional breach of its obligations, as explained in these terms, but not exceeding the value of the products purchased from us or, if the law provides otherwise, within the legal limits.


5.1. Data transfer through the site is encrypted according to the SSL standard.

5.2. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology used to establish encrypted connections between a web server and a browser. This connection ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browsers remains private and intact. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites to protect online transactions with their customers.

5.3. As a user, you can share access to the site with third parties through a link, as long as you do so fairly, in compliance with the applicable law, without affecting the interests, reputation, and/or image of the site and us, and without exploiting our reputation for personal purposes.

5.4. If you wish to use content from our site outside of the situations mentioned above, please contact us via email.

5.5. We reserve the right to terminate this authorization at any time if we find that the link established with the third-party site is likely to affect our interests, reputation, and/or image.

5.6. The existence of a hypertext link from a third-party site to our site does not imply any form of cooperation and/or partnership between us and that third-party site. We have no control over third-party sites and, therefore, assume no responsibility for the content and products and/or services available on or from these third-party sites accessible through a link to our site.

5.7. Our site may contain links to partner sites or third-party sites. We have no control over these sites and, therefore, assume no responsibility for the availability, content, and products and/or services available on these sites. We will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may occur through their access or use.

5.8. You are responsible for not misusing the site by introducing viruses, trojans, or other materials that could cause technological issues. You must not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the site or allow unauthorized access by a third party.

5.9. In this regard, you acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to install adequate antivirus and security software on your computer hardware and any other devices to protect yourself from any errors, viruses, or other harmful programs.

5.10. Nunta La Mare is not responsible for any damage caused by a virus, denial-of-service attacks, distributed denial-of-service attacks, or any other type of technological material that may infect your computer, your IT system, or your data as a result of using the site or other sites linked on our site.

5.11. We do not guarantee that the site will be completely secure or free of any viruses, although we will exercise all reasonable diligence to achieve the highest possible level of security.


6.1. To access certain services offered by us, users will need to create a user account.

6.2. Account creation will be done by providing an email address and setting a password. From time to time, for security reasons, Nunta La Mare may request account verification through various technological methods, including but not limited to email address verification, activation of two-factor authentication, and others.

6.3. By creating an account, you agree to provide real, accurate, current, and complete information. It is important to promptly maintain and update the account information to ensure accuracy and completeness at all times.

6.4. As a user, you understand and agree that the loss of account details or the disclosure of authentication elements to third parties can lead to the loss of the account, unwanted transactions, unauthorized access to your personal data, or even the closure of the account.


6.6. Nunta La Mare is not responsible for information published or transmitted on the internet or through any other means of communication by users of the site, especially regarding account data, and is not responsible for any consequences that may arise in the case of unauthorized access to the account as a result of these actions.

6.7. You also commit to informing us of any fraudulent use of your email and/or password by a third party as soon as you become aware of it. In this regard, you undertake to compensate Nunta La Mare in the event that such use results in damages or additional costs, to the extent that you have authorized such use or have allowed it through negligence.

We recommend following these instructions to prevent the use of the site by other individuals without your consent:

  • Do not disclose your account password to anyone.
  • Use specialized software to generate long, unrelated passwords and store them securely.
  • Set a password or lock on any electronic devices.
  • Do not leave your electronic devices unattended and allow only individuals you trust completely to access them, and only in your presence.
  • Always log out of your account and do not leave programs or software open once you have finished your work session.


In case you have forgotten your password or it has been accidentally disclosed to third parties, we recommend changing your password and contacting us via email as soon as possible.


7.1. The information about the products sold by us is provided both in Romanian and in English. In case of conflict between the two versions, the version in Romanian will prevail. If there will be translations of the site in other foreign languages in the future, they will be provided for informational purposes only, in case of conflict, the Romanian version will prevail.

7.2. Purchasing our products can be done online or, for certain products, by signing a service contract with us. There is no minimum order value.

7.3. The products you wish to order can be found on the site’s page titled “Wedding Solutions & Page Sales” (or similar).

7.4. Primarily, products sold online exclusively include a consulting component (consulting services) or information (for example, the online catalog containing professional informational content, referred to as “The Beach Wedding Builder DIY” or similar, hereinafter referred to as the “online catalog”). For services that involve event organization or design, a separate service contract will be concluded.

7.5. All details for each product will be described on the site, and you cannot claim ignorance of these details.

7.6. Placing an order online:

7.6.1. Online ordering is done by selecting a product and adding it to the shopping cart. When you press “Order” (or similar), the product will be automatically transferred to the shopping cart. After adding a product to the shopping cart, you can select other products as described above.

7.6.2. Completing the order is done by using the “Buy” button (or similar), followed by using the “Pay Now” button (or similar). Before making the payment, you will be provided with all the information related to your order. If you notice an error in your details, you can go back to the previous step to make the necessary changes and then confirm the order with the correct data.

7.6.3. To conclude the transaction, confirmation of your details will be required during the payment process. Through this, you understand and accept our offer as described in the product description. To determine the moment of contract conclusion, we will store the confirmation of your order as well as the moment of payment.

7.6.4. The order will be completed by making the final payment.

7.6.5. Completing all the steps described above constitutes the conclusion of the contract between us and you, representing these Terms and Conditions.

7.6.6. If you notice an error in your details after making the payment, please write to our email address immediately to avoid processing the order with incorrect data. Otherwise, we will be exempt from any damages suffered by you due to these errors.

7.6.7. Our Terms and Conditions will always be published on the site and can be accessed at any time.

7.6.8. Nunta La Mare makes every effort to provide you with all applicable versions of your Terms and Conditions. However, if you do not find the version that applies to you or interests you on the site, please contact us at any of the contact details on the site, and we will provide you with the relevant version of the Terms and Conditions via email as soon as possible.

7.7. Ordering through Dubsado System – Signing a Service Contract:

7.7.1. Certain services will only be provided after you and we have signed a service contract. This contract will be concluded and signed electronically through software called Dubsado.

7.7.2. From the contact page, you will complete the basic form, and upon submission to us, you will receive our offer by email, where services and prices will be described, and you will have the opportunity to choose the service you desire. If you choose to collaborate, the business relationship will be managed through Dubsado, including the signing of the service contract, invoicing to the client, and other operations.

7.7.3. In these situations, the contract with us will only be concluded after the online signing of the contract provided through the Dubsado software.

7.7.4. Regardless of the method of concluding contractual relationships between you and us, the termination of contractual relationships has no effect on already due obligations.


8.1. Product prices will generally be expressed in RON or EURO. For prices expressed in EURO, persons resident in Romania will pay the price in RON, at the RON/EUR exchange rate displayed by the Romanian National Bank from the date of invoicing. Some prices will be expressly specified on the website, while others will be specified as a starting price, with the final price sent via the offer you receive from the Dubsado software. This does not prevent Nunta La Mare from displaying prices in other foreign currencies.

8.2. In the event that the payment will be made with electronic payment instruments denominated in another currency, the respective amount will be automatically converted into RON at the exchange rate of the international card organizations and/or your bank, in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

8.3. In general, the prices displayed on the website do not include VAT, transport costs, the cost of suppliers (photographers, restaurants, musicians, etc.) or any other costs that may arise depending on your requests. In any case, before any confirmation of payment and/or signing of a contract, the price will be expressly stated and what it includes and what it does not include.

8.4. Upon the customer’s request or through our products, we may sometimes provide an approximate budget with other costs that may be incurred during the organization of a beach wedding. We expressly mention that this budget is strictly estimative, can change, and is not dependent on us. The final cost of the wedding, with all the suppliers, will depend solely on the customer’s requirements and the offers from the suppliers and will be the sole responsibility of the customers.

8.5. Before confirming the order and making the online payment, the total price of the products will be displayed to you, broken down by the type of cost: VAT, transportation cost, etc. Similarly, the price will be displayed in the case of contract conclusion through the Dubsado program. Making the payment of the total price by any available method corresponds to the acceptance of the price in its entirety.



9.1. Payments can be made either through the online payment processor using a bank card or by bank transfer, depending on the method of transaction conclusion: online or by signing a contract.

9.2. We reserve the right to perform verifications with you, either by phone or email, for the validation and/or completion of the order, accompanied, where applicable, by a request for additional supporting documents. During the verification process, an order may be canceled even after the transaction is concluded if the information provided by you is deliberately incorrect and/or fraudulent or if the products cannot be delivered due to the non-transmission of all necessary documents/information. In this case, you will be informed via email or phone regarding the measures taken by us.

9.3. Credit card – online payment:

9.3.1. Processing fees or any other amounts due to it will be borne by you or us, depending on the system of the paying or receiving bank.

9.3.2. Upon confirmation of your order and making payment through the online payment processor, the bank card used for payment will be debited with the confirmed amount immediately or within the terms imposed by the payment processor.

9.3.3. The payment processor may also collect any other information necessary for payment processing. For this reason, please read the privacy policy of our payment service provider: Privacy Policy | Stripe (https://stripe.com/en-gb-ro/privacy)

9.3.4. Nunta La Mare may change the payment processor at any time without being obliged to notify users in this regard, as long as their obligations do not significantly change.

9.3.5. In any case, you acknowledge that you have been informed that your data used to conclude a transaction is subject to automated processing by the payment processor for the purpose of combating credit card fraud on the internet.

9.3.6. Nunta La Mare is not responsible for the payment services provided by the online payment processor.

9.4. Bank transfer:

9.4.1. Payment can also be made by bank transfer after signing the service contract through Dubsado, according to the terms and conditions specified in that contract, in addition to these Terms and Conditions. Product delivery will only be made after the amount (the total invoice amount) enters our account, based on confirmation by the bank where we hold the bank account.

9.4.2. Banking fees and any other amounts owed to the bank are your responsibility.


10.1. Some of the products provided by us are digital in nature, such as our online catalog.

10.2. With regard to these products, the contract between you and us is concluded at the moment of confirming the order acceptance and payment, online by bank card, representing these Terms and Conditions.

10.3. The contract thus concluded is an instant performance contract, with our main obligations, as well as yours, being to provide you with the products and/or technical means to access them within the terms set out in these conditions, in exchange for the payment made by you with the bank card on the website, through the payment processor.

10.4. The purchased digital product will be provided to you electronically, after payment confirmation. This method may take various forms, depending on the purchased product, such as, but not limited to, transmitting login details for the online catalog, sending a document (in PDF, DOC, or other formats that we may consider necessary) to the email address provided to us when you accepted the order, or providing video materials.

10.5. We are obliged to provide you with the products and/or the technical means for accessing and/or downloading them in the shortest time possible from the moment of payment. This period cannot exceed 15 calendar days from the moment when we receive confirmation from the bank that our bank account has been credited with the payment made by you.

10.6. If we fail to provide the ordered product or access methods to it within the agreed time frame due to our fault, you can contact us via our email address. We will make every effort to provide you with the product immediately, and the deadline for this cannot exceed 15 days from the moment you communicated your request to us.

10.7. Once the data mentioned above (login details, ordered document, course access, or others of a similar nature) has been transmitted, it will be considered that we have fulfilled our obligation to provide the products ordered by you.

10.7. In case we do not provide the mentioned data within the agreed additional time frame, you have the right, as appropriate, to terminate or rescind the contract.

10.8. Access to the online catalog is offered for a fixed period of 6 months from the moment of purchase, upon completion of which access to it will be stopped


11.1. Digital products remain our property indefinitely, with you acquiring only a temporary and non-exclusive license for personal and non-commercial use.

11.2. If we mention or refer to any providers through any of our products, these are mere suggestions AND NOT RECOMMENDATIONS.

11.3. Customers have the right to work with any provider they prefer, whether suggested in our information or not. We do not take responsibility for the services provided by these providers, the prices offered, whether or not a contract is concluded with them, the contractual conditions, the availability, the quality of the services these providers offer, or any qualities they may claim to have. We do not assume any responsibility for non-compliance, partial or faulty performance (for example, if yellow flowers are delivered instead of blue ones) for any reason (for example, when they can no longer provide their services due to a force majeure event, such as the withdrawal of a coloring agent for cake decoration) by the suggested providers.

11.4. We do not charge any fees or commissions from the suppliers indicated in our online catalog.

Therefore, you have exclusive responsibility in choosing suppliers and concluding contracts with them, even when you mandate us to manage the relations with said suppliers. However, we will do our best to suggest quality providers that we have worked with before and whose services we have tried.

11.5. The information provided by us is not exclusive and is offered strictly in the personal context of each client, as communicated to us.

11.6. Although we make reasonable professional efforts to cover any situation, the information provided by us in the online consultation will be given exclusively to the end customers (the couple) according to the actual situation, challenges, preferences and budget indicated by the customers. We will not consider referrals from other people, such as family members, friends, etc.

11.7. We do not take responsibility for how clients organize their preparations, appointments, arrivals at the location, their relationship with other vendors, etc.

11.8. We do not guarantee the descriptions of products and the images/videos provided by or about other vendors. These are generally taken from their presentation websites, and we have no responsibility in this regard.

11.9. We do not guarantee the achievement of any specific result, regardless of the product you purchase from us. You expressly understand and acknowledge that we have an obligation of means (and not of results), meaning we put forth every professional effort to deliver products to the highest standards, but this also depends on external factors over which we have no control. For example, these factors may include client budgets, weather conditions, vendor availability, client collaboration, client-provided information/details, client trust in us, family/friend involvement, changes to client-provided instructions, etc.

11.10. Clients are solely responsible for meeting the deadlines, such as deadlines for the information required for product delivery, making payments, providing necessary information to a vendor, etc.

11.11. We will not be held responsible for the violation of any obligations that clients are or will be subject to in the future, or in the case of the non-completion of tasks by clients without which our products cannot be delivered.

11.12. Regarding the online catalog, you expressly understand that it is merely a suggestion on how to organize your wedding on your own, and it is not personalized to your specific situation. It does not represent consultation, event design services, or actual event planning. Therefore, we do not take responsibility for how you organize your event or the outcome of your event. If you desire event planning by us or personalized recommendations, please purchase one of our other products tailored to your needs.

11.13. Regarding all the services indicated on the website, except for those that you will be able to purchase directly from the website, the details of each individual service will be specified in the offer that you will receive after completing the contact form. The purchase will be made on the basis of contracts with clauses specific to each service, which we will agree and undertake together by electronic signature.

11.14. Legal Warranty for Digital Content Conformity

11.14.1. If you purchase the right to use a digital product as a consumer, we are responsible for the legal obligation of content and digital service conformity, which must exist at the time the product is delivered to you for products supplied only once, such as document templates or, in the case of continuous supply products (for example, access to an account for accessing a digital product, like an online catalog), for the term during which you have access to the product according to the contract.

11.14.2. To the extent that you believe that your right to receive a product in conformity has been violated, you can notify us at our email address, along with the reasons for non-compliance that you consider the purchased digital product from us has, along with the relevant evidence.

11.14.3. To the extent that we consider your complaint well-founded and find the reasons for non-compliance that you reported to be truthful, we undertake to bring the product into conformity within a maximum of 15 calendar days from the moment your complaint was communicated to us, except if this is impossible or would involve disproportionate costs for us, taking into consideration all circumstances, including:

a) The value of the digital product in the case of no non-compliance;

b) The seriousness of non-compliance.

11.14.4. You expressly agree that we will provide the content in a conforming state within 15 days from the moment you have communicated your complaint, to the extent that your complaint is found to be well-founded.

11.14.5. In the event that your complaint is not well-founded and we cannot identify any reason for non-compliance of our product as you have described in the complaint, we will provide you with a written response via email to your account or from which you contacted us.

11.14.6. To the extent that:

a) bringing the digital product into conformity is impossible or disproportionate;

b) we have not brought the digital content or digital service into conformity within the agreed term;

c) non-compliance persists despite our attempt to bring the digital content or digital service into conformity;

d) non-compliance is of such seriousness that it justifies an immediate price reduction or immediate termination of the contract;

e) we have declared that we will not bring the digital content or digital service into conformity within the above-mentioned terms and conditions, or this emerges from the circumstances of the case,

you have the right to either a proportionate price reduction corresponding to the reduction in value of the digital product supplied in comparison to the value the product would have if it were in conformity, or the right to terminate the contract only if non-compliance is not minor by making a declaration to us.

11.14.7. Regarding the price reduction, to the extent we find your complaint well-founded, we will refund the part of the price that we consider justified within a maximum of 14 days from the date you informed us of your price reduction request.

11.14.8. To the extent that the contract terminates after your declaration, you will no longer have any rights to the digital product, and you will refrain from using it in any way, under penalty of damages.

11.14.9. The complaint will not be considered well-founded if it is submitted or if there are clear suspicions that it is submitted in bad faith and/or is false and/or there is no reason for non-compliance of the purchased digital content.


I. Intellectual property rights of Nunta La Mare

12.1. The website and each of its components, including, but not limited to, information, text, images, videos, photographs, trademarks, logos, company names, domain names, are the exclusive property of ours and/or our partners, as applicable.

12.2. These elements are protected by intellectual property laws and other laws, including copyright laws. Any reproduction or representation, in whole or in part, of the website and/or any of its components, without our authorization, is prohibited and constitutes a violation sanctioned by the applicable laws.

12.3. Nothing in the website’s content should be interpreted as granting a license or right to use any trademark presented on the website without written permission from us or third parties who may own the respective trademarks. Thus, you can use any image, trademark, sign, graphic, video, melody, or other materials belonging to Nunta La Mare, its partners, or other third parties, only if you have obtained the prior written consent of the holders of each individual right.

12.4. Unless otherwise specified in these terms and conditions or in the description of the purchased product, you may use the website and the products purchased solely for personal, non-commercial purposes, for which Nunta La Mare grants you a non-exclusive and temporary license, limited in time in certain cases.

12.5. As a user, you agree not to use, modify, distribute, copy, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, license, sublicense, loan, transfer, or sell any information or products obtained from or through the website and/or the underlying software or any other components for purposes other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and applicable law.

For example, but not limited to, it is prohibited to:

  • use, modify, distribute, copy, transmit in any way, display, make it available to the public, license, create derivative products, reproduce, sublicense, transfer, sell the content of the online catalog for which you purchase access from the website for purposes other than personal and informational.
  • use materials from the online catalog on another website, social network, or in any computer network-connected environment.


12.6. Failure to comply with any of these clauses automatically leads to the cancellation of the right to use the website, the blocking of access to digitally provided materials, your obligation to immediately destroy all materials downloaded and/or physically or digitally printed (such as screenshots) or received from us, and the payment of damages.

12.7. The user undertakes to hold Nunta La Mare and any or all of its administrators, directors, employees, agents, and providers harmless and indemnify them for any claim, liability, damages, losses, costs, and payments, including attorney’s fees and counsel, incurred in connection with or related to any infringement of intellectual property rights.

II. Your Intellectual Property

12.8. By leaving reviews/testimonials on our social media accounts or in other media, engaging in any other activities related to the website and/or products, accepting the photographing and filming of you and/or your guests, you expressly authorize Nunta La Mare to use, distribute, host, store, reproduce, communicate, publish, modify, adapt, translate, and display such public content on the website, our social media accounts, blogs, and/or any other media means (including physical and digital mass media, press releases, sales support, marketing and advertising materials, newsletters, alerts) by any means, for the purpose of operation, improvement, promotion, marketing, and advertising of the services and the website, or for establishing partnerships.

12.9. The authorizations in this chapter are valid for all users for a period of 5 years or for a longer period if such protection is provided by law. Users may withdraw or limit this consent at any time.


13.1. We have the right to collect the price of the products you have ordered.

13.2. The product sold to and purchased by you is strictly the one indicated in the version available on the website at the time of payment, and Nunta La Mare has no obligation to provide you with additional products at the same price. In certain situations, the product may vary from what is presented on the website (e.g., photographs, etc.).

13.3. You understand and expressly accept that by purchasing a product marketed on the website, you will not achieve a specific result, and the product description is the one in effect at the date you paid the price or entered into the contract, as applicable. Consequently, you release Nunta La Mare from any liability, pecuniary or moral, suffered as a result of the above.

13.4. Digital content or digital services will be delivered in the most recent version available at the time of contract conclusion, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

13.5. To the extent that we will sell new versions of the product, these will be considered new products, with individual and independent prices from the version initially purchased by you.

13.6. Nunta La Mare does not guarantee any level of performance of the product and does not guarantee that you will achieve any results through the use, browsing, or any other use of the product as thus purchased.

13.7. We have the right, but not the obligation, to make changes to our digital product beyond what is necessary to keep it compliant whenever we deem it necessary due to changes in laws, internationally known information, research findings, and similar reasons.

In these situations, we will inform you as soon as possible about the changes made. Usually, these changes will be made at no additional cost to you. If you do not wish to receive content with the new changes, you can notify us within 30 days from the time we provided you with the information or from the time the digital product was modified by us, whichever occurs later.

In this situation, you can maintain the digital content without the changes at no additional cost within the limits of these Terms and Conditions. However, if the number of changes is significant and/or their importance to the industry is very high and/or to obtain this information, we have used resources that cost more than reasonable expenses for a business and/or similar other reasons, this will correspond to a new version of the digital product, which will involve new costs and access methods that you will have to purchase separately.


14.1. To conclude the contract and purchase the products or the right to use/license to use the products, as applicable, you will need to pay the corresponding price.

14.2. Once the payment is made, you have the right to have the products delivered or to receive access to digital products or the necessary means to access them, as the case may be, according to the concluded transaction and these terms.

14.3. You have an obligation to use the products only for yourself, for personal, non-commercial purposes, refraining from distributing, making available to third parties, or making the products and/or access data to the purchased products public.

14.4. You are solely responsible for covering all internet and network connection costs and similar expenses related to accepting these terms and concluding the sales contract between us and you.

14.5. As a user, you agree not to use the website for illegal purposes.


15.1. Once an order is placed, the price for the products is paid, and access data to the online catalog and/or materials are provided, YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO RETURN THE PRODUCTS, CANCEL THE ORDER, OR REQUEST A REFUND OF THE AMOUNT PAID AFTER RECEIVING THE PURCHASED PRODUCTS.

15.2. You expressly acknowledge and agree that you forfeit your right of withdrawal after placing the order and paying the price for the digital product that is not delivered on a tangible medium, as well as after the complete execution of the service contract, in the case of purchasing digital services.

15.3. Regarding physically provided services, such as event organization, you have the right to withdraw only from activities not yet performed, and in the case of advance payment, you may be refunded only a portion of the paid price proportionate to the services already provided. This will not exempt you from paying damages to users who have shown interest in our services and whom we have refused for the organization of your event.

15.4. Consequences of withdrawal if you have a right of withdrawal according to these conditions:

15.4.1. We will reimburse you no later than 14 days from the date we were informed of the withdrawal decision, in accordance with the provisions of this document. We will pay back all amounts we have received from you. If we have incurred costs in providing services, these will be deducted from the amounts to be refunded to you.

15.4.2. Regarding the method of refunding the money after exercising the right of withdrawal, we will refund the amounts using the same payment method you used to purchase the products unless you request payment by a different method that does not entail additional costs for us. In this latter case, if the new payment method involves extra costs, these will be borne by you.

15.4.3. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, we reserve the right to prevent any further use of digital content or digital services by you, particularly by blocking your access to digital content or digital services or by deactivating the user account.

15.4.4. In case of withdrawal from the contract, you are obliged to refrain from using digital content or digital services and from making it available to third parties.


16.1. In any case, Nunta La Mare will not be liable in any way to any user and is excused for any failure to deliver or execute, or for any delays in the performance of the contract due to causes beyond its control, including but not limited to: government actions, fires, labor interruptions, pandemics, shortages, war, terrorism, civil disturbances, logistics issues, power outages, interruptions in communications, Internet service provider issues, or failures related to hosting services, or delays caused by hardware or software system providers, denial of service due to attacks, malware intrusions, hacking attacks, actions by third parties beyond Nunta La Mare’s control, natural disasters, including changes to Nunta La Mare’s ability to provide products as per the scope and/or price established due to legislative changes or policies of external or government partners.


17.1. For any questions or information regarding the services offered by us and/or our partners, and/or this document, you can contact us by sending an email to the following address: nuntalamareromania@gmail.com.

17.2. As a user, you agree that any notifications made to you will be sent via email to the address you provided at the time of order completion, or through your created account, or by registered mail (with return receipt) / courier to your postal address if provided by you. The choice of the most appropriate transmission method is at our discretion, depending on the circumstances.

17.3. Unless specified otherwise in these Terms and Conditions, you may also be informed by Nunta La Mare through electronic notifications (pop-ups, messages included on the website, etc.), SMS messages, direct phone contact.

17.4. A notification is deemed to be received on the first working day following the date of communication.

17.5. Verbal notifications are not taken into consideration by either party.


18.1. Personal data is protected in accordance with the current legislation. The privacy policy can be accessed here or directly on the website.


19.1. Nunta La Mare reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions in whole or in part.

19.2. Nunta La Mare will inform you of any changes to these Terms and Conditions by simply displaying them on the website, except in cases where you are already our customer and the changes could affect you, in which case we will inform you in writing at least 10 (ten) calendar days before the new changes take effect.

19.3. If you do not wish to accept the new terms, you have a period of 24 (twenty-four) hours from the date of notification to inform Nunta La Mare by email. In this regard, you understand and agree that if you do not agree to the new terms, the use of the website will no longer be possible. This will not limit the fulfillment of obligations already due between the parties to the extent possible from a technical point of view.

19.4. If you do not notify us of your disagreement within the specified time frames, it will be considered that you have accepted the changes.


20.1. If any of the clauses of these Terms and Conditions is declared null and void due to changes in legislation, regulations, or a court decision, this will not affect the validity and compliance of these general terms and conditions in any way. The failure of Nunta La Mare to exercise its rights under this document does not constitute a waiver of its rights.

20.2. Please address any complaints or dissatisfaction related to the functioning of the website, the quality, and experience on the site, the purchased products, or any other matter in writing to the email address nuntalamareromania@gmail.com or by registered mail (with acknowledgment of receipt) or courier to our headquarters at Mangalia, Maior Gheorghe Şonțu Street, No. 4B, Constanța County, Postal Code 905500, Romania.

20.3. The support service is available on business days. Nunta La Mare will investigate the complaint within a maximum of 20 (twenty) business days from the date of complaint communication and will inform you of the results via the email address provided in your order.

20.4. Any conflict between you and Nunta La Mare will be attempted to be resolved amicably through mutual understanding between the parties.

20.5. If the complaint is not resolved, meaning we have not reached an agreement with you within a period of up to 25 (twenty-five) calendar days from the date of notification, the transaction will be considered canceled.

20.6. At the same time, we inform you about the existence of the European online platform for alternative dispute resolution provided by the European Commission, which can be accessed at this link.

20.7. If you have attempted to resolve a complaint directly with us but could not resolve your complaint individually, you have the option to resort to the national mechanism for alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) through the ADR Entity within the National Consumer Protection Authority, with the procedure available at https://anpc.ro/ce-este-sal/.

20.8. You can contact the National Authority for Consumer Protection through the contact details provided by them, accessible through their website here.

20.9. In the context of using the website and/or the products purchased on the site, any act, content, attitude, and/or statement by a user that may deceive, mislead, shock, defraud, or, in general, cause harm to any other user and/or Nunta La Mare (including its staff members) may, at our discretion and without prejudice to any compensation claim, be the subject of (i) a reminder of the Terms and Conditions of the site, (ii) an official notification.
The examples above are not exhaustive, and we reserve the right to monitor the site at any time when we are notified of controversial and/or inappropriate behavior.

20.10. The interpretation and application of the Terms and Conditions will be in accordance with Romanian law. In the event of contradictions between the Romanian language version and any other language, the Romanian language version will prevail.

20.11. If the conflict is not resolved amicably, the jurisdiction lies with the courts of Romania, within the jurisdiction of our headquarters, within the limits of the mandatory legal rules on the jurisdiction of the courts.

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