Why We Do This

We help plan, design & decorate weddings of many reasons – a passion for beauty, a love for the sea, a thing for organization and a desire to share both of these with others.

In the end, however, seeing the sparkle in the bride and groom as they are turning into husband and wife, is our biggest motivation.

And their kind words after they get to say their “I DO”s is the icing on the (wedding) cake 😉

They are warm, empathetic people

The 'Wedding by the Sea' team transformed our wedding into a fairytale, and it was so beautifully presented on the day of the event that all our guests were impressed. The entire team was with us from the beginning, very well-prepared, with ideas based on our wishes and personality, feeling like a real support throughout the preparations. Thus, seeing the whole involvement and the result of this team's work up to the wedding day, we could truly enjoy the event and our guests, knowing that Ramona and her team were there for anything related to the organization. More than just a very well-organized team, they are people who understand the stress of the bride and groom and the desire for a perfect event. They are warm, empathetic people who ultimately helped us have 'our memorable fairytale wedding

A wedding by sea, a dream come true

“A wedding by sea, a dream come true that with your help turned out just as we imagined. You are a wonderful, professional team who took into account all our needs and wishes from the beginning. Thank you to the whole team for the effort and attention!🤗 Ramona, thank you for my wonderful bouquets, for the arch on the beach that turned out more beautiful than we expected, for the decor in the restaurant, for all the small details that mattered a lot to us. It was a pleasure to collaborate, all bridal parties need people like you who want to turn their vision into reality. Even more, they will be inspired by you and they will certainly not be disappointed. Don't stop making as many people as possible happy. Thank you!🙂🤗”

how professional the process was

“What an absolutely wonderful experience we had working with Ramona and the "Nunta La Mare" team for our wedding in September 2022! If I could give 7 stars here, I would give all of them, 7 times over! 🤩 We wanted a wedding that was in our own... non-conformist style: we travel 6-10 months a year, work freelance, and haven't had offices since 2017 and 2019 respectively. We believe in freedom, in people, and in caring for one another, as well as for the planet. And we love parties, music, and good vibes. 🤓 We wanted all these things to be reflected in an event that [at least, we hope 🥲] we wouldn't have the chance to organize again. 🙂 But since we were in Asia when we got engaged and began the preparations, we soon realized that we couldn't manage everything from afar, especially since we were set to return to Europe only 6 months later, with just 3 months before the wedding - oh, and... we don't even live in Romania. 🙂 So, at the advice of a friend, we reached out to Nunta La Mare. We had an initial consultation with Ramona Macovei, during which we received a lot of valuable information, from venues to suppliers, decoration, and budget. We realized it would be impossible for us to handle everything from afar, as we mentioned - plus, we wouldn't have had the time for this alongside our daily tasks, so we decided to work with Nunta La Mare. Throughout those 9 months, Ramona and her team worked behind the scenes to find the perfect location [Sandalandala in Vama Veche], the perfect menu, the perfect suppliers [music, entertainment, hair & make-up, you name it], and to bring all of these together in a concept unique to us. We greatly appreciated how organized the girls were, how professional the process was, how much the concept represented us, and how beautifully the decoration turned out... especially since we barely felt the immense effort these people put in to make everything as we imagined... and more.🥰 On the big day, with everything prepared down to the last detail, carefully chosen to represent us and the things and values that guide us, we just took care of the preparations at home and then arrived at the location. And even though we knew what the place would look like and how the program would go, we were continuously moved by the wonderful atmosphere these people created for us.💓 We're deeply grateful for how hard they worked so that it didn't even feel like there was any effort put in - not only did everything go smoothly, but we were only responsible for enjoying ourselves. So, we spent the day and night celebrating, dancing, and rejoicing with our loved ones until morning! Thank you once again for absolutely everything, Ramona, George, and Andreea, and much success in the future!✨ With much love, Ioana & Denis 🎡”

Everything was great

“Hello hello ☺️ Everything was great. You are brilliant, girls 🤗😘 Thank you so much for everything❤️😘”

It's nice to have met you

“Hello! This time last week we were all in the heat of the event. Time passed quickly that day, but also the time from then until today, when things have settled down for us. For Mariana and for me it was a very accomplished event, and for that more than anything, we want to thank you. We also received a lot of positive feedback from the guests, they all loved it! It's nice to have met you and we wish you successful events and then a well-deserved rest!” Some time later 🙂 – “I managed to download the album and thank you once again for all the help you provided during the summer to organize our wedding! We are very happy for the photo part and now also for the video part and we also thank the people from UND photo & video for everything 😊"

We are very satisfied

“Andreea and Ramona, thank you very much for your help! Everything turned out super nice! We are very satisfied with how it was 💗💗💗 The feedback from the guests was the same, they felt very good”

Everything turned out as we wanted

“Hello girls! Thanks for helping us implement all our ideas and contributing many of them yourself. Everything turned out as we wanted. The decor was amazing! Thanks again! Kisses 💛”

Professionalism, creativity, affinity for beauty...

“Professionalism, creativity, affinity for beauty... are the words that characterize the Nuntă La Mare team. The arrangements were beyond our expectations, and due to the fact that our dream became a reality thanks to the team, we can now wholeheartedly recommend this concept to all lovers.”

I recommend you with an open heart

“I recommend you with an open heart. We had the perfect wedding, organized in just 3 weeks. Spontaneity is what characterizes our couple, and for our wedding to be as we wanted in a short time, we knew we needed people who understood what we wanted, people that were both prompt and professional. We found them in the Nunta la mare team.”

...the best team

“I wholeheartedly recommend them, the best team! They are professional, have good taste and are simply special people! They organized a dream wedding for us in just 4 weeks. Bravo to the girls, Ramona and Andreea! Thank you once again for the opportunity to collaborate! You are the best!😘”

Best unconventional wedding...

“Best unconventional wedding of the year 😀 ... and the reaction from the people who were present is that it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever been to!!! Thank youuuuuuu:)”

You gave us the perfect wedding...our dream wedding

“From the first to the last meeting with Andreea and Ramona, one thing was particularly clear... their experience and professionalism in the field spoke volumes! Their attention to our wishes, attention to detail, their good taste while also minding our budget.... and the simplicity with which they took all the weight and stress off our shoulders makes us recommend Nunta la mare with the complete confidence! During our 1-year collaboration everything went perfectly and we were offered not only the much-dreamed-of wedding but also so many other benefits! We wouldn't have succeeded without you! We don't know how to thank you enough for everything you've done for us...we literally had a dream day thanks to your dedication, perfectionism and professionalism! You gave us the perfect wedding...our dream wedding! You are absolutely wonderful! We remain eternally grateful to you!”

I really liked the decor!

“I really liked the decor! Simple and delicate, just like I wanted! Refined and intimate!!!! Thanks a lot!”

... stood by us as friends, and always encouraged us

“When we think of our wedding, we think of Nunta la Mare, because the wonderful dream we experienced would not have been possible without them. We have been living in London for many years and when we made the decision that the seaside at home is still close to our heart, we knew that the biggest problem would be to find someone who thinks and feels like us. After several phone calls to suppliers and event planners it seemed our dream scenario would be impossible and that things were done a certain way; there was no flexibility and that we would have to go with we disliked the least. We were very wrong and as soon as we finished our first meeting with Andreea and Ramona, we decided in unison that Nunta la mare is the team we need. Although they offer services to everyone's liking, with partial or full support, we knew that we would leave absolutely everything in their hands. It is known that planning a wedding is a huge effort; it comes with so much joy and excitement but also with worries and problems. Planning a wedding in another country when both partners have demanding jobs creates even more worries and problems. Since we are both stubborn creatures, we wanted to do everything on our own so that all our loved ones could be invited to our wedding, enjoy it, and be pleasantly surprised by what we have achieved. For us, this collaboration didn't just mean planning a wedding, it meant much more. We had their help and support throughout this adventure and they always made sure we enjoyed those unique moments at every step of the planning and left the worries and stress to them. They helped us agree and found common ground between our perspectives and blended them harmoniously. They calmed us down when our emotions overwhelmed us, stood by us as friends, and always encouraged us to do what we felt we wanted to do. Many times I had ideas that I didn't think we could ever put into practice, to which I always received the same answer: "Of course it's possible!" They worked with all the suppliers from start to finish, all we had to do was say what we wanted. We collaborated with beautiful, punctual, respectful and professional people. It's hard to choose suppliers when you don't have experience or don't know exactly what you want, and here as in all other moments, Nunta la mare was by our side to help us make these decisions. We wanted to have no stress, to enjoy every moment of our wedding; we didn’t want to have to worry when the long-awaited day begins whether everything is set up properly. We succeeded (even though I didn't think we would) with flying colors (I also said this in the wedding shoot as proof haha) because we had the best team. We have memories that we will cherish for a lifetime and we can only be grateful for everything you have done for us. We hope that life will somehow bring us together again, to plan another event with you. With gratitude, Dorina and Gabriel Oprea.”

Everything was exactly as I dreamed!

Andreea: “Thank you so much for helping us live this wonderful story. Thanks for the gift too. Everything was exactly as I had dreamed. Sending you hugs.” Florin: “Thank you for your support and effort. We really liked everything. And the priest was simply extraordinary, I'm going to call him and thank him once more.”

You made us think it was all a friendship rather than a simple collaboration

Ana: “Thank you once again for always acting so professional and attentive towards us. You made us think it was all a friendship rather than a simple collaboration. We wish you continued success in everything you do and may you always remain as you have been since we've gotten to know you :). We hope that we were also good customers and that we did not stress you too much with our demands. Sending you kisses!” Dragoș: “Thank you to the Nunta la mare team for everything!!! Their theme words are: professionalism, seriousness, dedication, good taste, imagination!!! It was a complete pleasure to work with you, it was worth every penny and we wish you much success in the future!!”

you earned our trust

“It was WONDERFUL!!! The communication during the event was perfect, you earned our trust and did not disappoint us, on the contrary! The bouquets, crowns, decorations overwhelmed us! Excellent recommended suppliers! Everything went smoothly, but most of all we were glad to have you with us! Thank you to the entire Nunta la mare team for a fairytale wedding, it was like a beautiful dream come true!”

The most talented!

“The most talented! Thanks to you I had a storylike wedding!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything!!!”

The decor was a dream...

“Thank you again for everything. The decor was a dream and contributed a lot to the success of the party. You were extremely professional. Thank you so much!”

wow, I've never seen anything like this!

“Thank you very much for everything! All the accessories were special, extremely beautiful, and highly appreciated - the general expression was "wow, I've never seen anything like this!". 🙂 Thank you once again and we wish you much success in what you do, the fact that you delight eyes and hearts with your wonders is a great thing!”

All of this made us feel comfortable

“Now that the wedding is over and the big emotions have come and gone 🙂, we want to thank the Nunta la mare team for all the dedication and professionalism they showed. In addition to the fact that the arrangements were wonderful and exactly as we imagined, we were impressed with your patience and dedication to your craft. All of this made us feel comfortable working together and confident that everything would go perfectly (which it did). It was a pleasure to work together and I hope we have this opportunity again in the future. Best of luck and always stay the same cheerful people!”

we were extremely satisfied

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication and professionalism. The Nunta la mare team helped us get all the details just right, everything that we could imagine (even what we could not express in words) was included in our wedding. Everything went perfectly and we were extremely satisfied with the services provided. We highly recommend Nunta la mare for your dream event.”

Everything looked splendid

“Thank you very much for everything. Everything looked splendid and the guests were impressed. I really appreciate what you have done for us and I wish you many more events in the future. See you at the baptism :))”

everything looked qualitative...

“Once again, thank you for everything! It was an extraordinary day for us and that is thanks to everyone who was involved in organizing this event. Referring to the aspects that you have taken care of, I congratulate you on your work; you really managed to do wonderful things and helped make our party special. I really liked the fact that you used less common flowers 😍😬 and everything looked qualitative from all points of view. Thanks to the whole team! 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️.”

wonderful decoration

“We sincerely thank Ramona and the entire Nunta la mare team. You have painstakingly created a wonderful decoration, and the bouquets will forever remain precious memories kept in a place of honor in our home. Sending you hugs and wishing that you bring every bride and groom at least as much joy as you brought us and our guests.”

we had the most beautiful day of our lives

“We would like to start with the conclusion: we had the most beautiful day of our lives. Considering that our wedding took place in a rather non-conformist setting (Vama Veche), Ramona was able to understand all our wishes and provide us with a storylike setting. The main ingredients were imagination, patience and dedication. They were on the same wavelength with us from the beginning and managed to face all the challenges that arose during the preparations. Congratulations on all you do, we will gladly recommend you every chance we get! 🙂”


“Everything looked like a dream. Superb! Thank you!”

made our wedding a memorable event!

“Imagination, good taste, excellent services! We collaborated with Nunta la mare to organize our seaside wedding. Although we contacted this company last minute, they found time, resources and energy to help us with the organization and offered ideas that made our wedding a memorable event! I recommend them with complete confidence!”

team with full confidence

“On the most important day of your life, you want to have people you can rely on. And we had a reliable partner at our wedding: the Nunta la mare team. We had a wonderful setting, elegant, diaphanous, and tasteful. Everything was flawless, and we let ourselves guided by the Nunta la mare team with full confidence. I have experienced quality and serious services. The key to success was communication. Our ideas were expressed tastefully and the team's advice was extremely valuable. Thank you Nunta la mare!”

helped us with so many things

How to start 🙂
After the engagement we decided to use a wedding planner. We don't live in the country and this made us want help even more. Although, even if we lived in the country, we would certainly have turned to Ramona and her team. At first we didn't know exactly what was involved in organizing a wedding the way we really wanted. We thought it was quite simple, location, line-up, menu and that's it. Well, we were wrong, there are so many details to fix that you don't even think about. We had some ideas from which we started, but, being our first wedding :)), we didn't know how to make them concrete so that everything turned out perfectly. Our wedding took place this year, in the summer, in a location that had just opened, it was probably the 2nd wedding, or even the first with a larger number of guests. From the beginning there were location challenges (what happens if the wind is strong, how do we light the location at night if we don't like the location lights), plus many more that if I describe here people will lose the patience to read. What I can say in short is that you want a wedding during which you can focus on your partner and guests, enjoy everything that happens and not have to deal with organizational or other problems. This is where Ramona came in and helped us with so many things we needed as well as extra things we hadn't discussed. She managed to solve super quickly small problems that appeared at the moment, we didn't even realize about them during the wedding. That was important to us. So, I can't imagine what our wedding would have been like without the help of Ramona and the team. For more details, I don't know if it's possible, but you can contact me and I'll be happy to answer you all (in the time I have available).

Dusk Till Dawn Party

It may sound old-fashioned, but words really won't be able to fully describe our experience with the Nunta la Mare team. If there was only one to include how we collaborated, how it turned out, how we felt - it would be EPIC! From the initial brief one year and three months ago, to the detailed discussions throughout, the care for the smallest details, the professionalism and expert recommendations, the incredible list of suppliers and partners, the final decoration that exceeded all expectations, the 1000% support in D-day until sunrise and after, the smile and calmness that always reassured us, the warmth and friendship from a green velvet box at the end - everything, absolutely everything was wonderful! Ramona, George and the whole team - we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making us and all our guests from all corners of the world the happiest! It's clear, without a doubt, you are the perfect choice for those who want the sea close on the big day ❤️ Many hugs!!

We appreciated and loved every detail

“Dear Ramona, Thank you for being our eyes and imagination, thank you for the concept, theme, and decor. We appreciated and loved every detail. Thank you for your patience, understanding and professionalism. We are so glad to have met you and thank you for your imagination. We managed to have the same vision, which was wonderful. We hope to see you again one day! You are wonderful! Delia, Daniel & Ezra”

... dedication, professionalism, and good taste

The Nunta la Mare team is the best choice we made for our wedding. They gave us advice, answered our questions in the shortest possible time, were completely dedicated to the event and took care of everything we needed and why we didn't even suspect that it would be useful to us. We are delighted with the final result and can't imagine how we would have managed without them. A team of special people, thank you!

Thank you so much for everything

“Nooo 😂 Are you sleeping? We are on our way to our holidayyyy! Thank you so much for everything 🥁✨🙏 It was great, it was like it went by too fast 😇 I got really good feedback from the guests. It really turned out great 👌”

All the guests had a blast

“Hello! 🤗 We wanted to thank you very much for your effort, the event turned out exactly as we wanted! From the wedding on the beach to the restaurant decorations, the candy bar, and the beautiful flowers, the music was very good and the food as well! All the guests had a blast, and that's mostly because of you! Thanks again! With love, Alina and Andrei!🌈🍾”

the coolest wedding...

Elena – “We're starting to recover as well 😅 Thank you sooooo much from the bottom of our hearts! 🥰🤗 It was sooooo beautiful, the coolest wedding I've ever been to 🤣 we had a lot of fun and heard only good things from the guests too 😆🥳 what's there to day more than… it was a really wonderful wedding! ” Cosmin – “Thanks for everything 🙂 it turned out really cool 😁”

... everything turned out as we wanted!

“First of all, thank you very much for all your dedication and support! You are wonderful! Even though the weather was capricious, everything turned out as we wanted! The gorgeous decor, the delicious cake, a priest after our own hearts, Irina was amazing, the location perfect, and the food delicious!”

It was like I was in a movie, everything was better than I had dreamed of

“I'm getting back to you with feedback about the event held at the beginning of September 2020. When I was proposed to by my gorgeous husband, I knew I wanted to have a wedding on the beach. And not knowing anything about this wedding industry, the first thing was to search on google. And that's how we ended up reaching out to 2 event planning businesses that dealt with weddings on the beach. You and another company from which I requested exactly the same information. I admit, I started out with a heart full of remorse because it seemed impossible for someone to organize the dream wedding without knowing us personally for a long time. But after a few discussions by email and even a video call, I decided to try a meeting with you. And just like that, I ended up at the first seaside meeting, with two absolutely wonderful ladies who, during a 2-hour conversation, convinced me to continue this "crazy" plan. Why "crazy"? Well, a couple, coming from Bucharest, without any idea of ​​what they want, left everything in the hands of people who, in the end, didn't know us. I went to the store, bought my wedding dress and waited for the big day. Until I actually arrived at the beach, I didn't know what was "waiting for me". And that's all I can say. I THOUGHT I WAS DREAMING! It was like I was in a movie, everything was better than I had dreamed of. From the flower arch, our bouquets, the table setting, the ceremony, the accommodation, EVERYTHING was perfect! And I didn't move a finger. You are absolutely wonderful and special people who know how to make other people feel special. I have no words to tell you how grateful I am for you, and how amazing you made me feel. Thank you so very much, I wish you at as many events as possible and with great love and warmth I will recommend you to the whole world! I could not have dreamed up what took place in reality! What you have created! Congratulations dear people! I am glad that I put my trust in the most tight knit team. PS: still very happy together, even with two children after us. If you were in Bucharest, I would ask you to help me with their baptisms! Hugs and kisses!”

What you did was incredible!!!

“Hello my dear girls 🤗😘 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wishes! What you did was incredible!!! I don't think there are words to express our gratitude. Everything was excellent, thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤🤗😘😍😍😍”

I had my dream wedding

“I had my dream wedding, my feet deep in the sand, thanks to Ramona and Andrea. It only took a few meetings for them to understand and then accomplish exactly what we wanted. A wonderful setting, gorgeous floral arrangements, everything thought out in detail. The girls from the Nunta la mare team are very discreet and full of common sense! They directed us to the best service providers (delicious cake, a photographer who took unique pictures, in tune with the wedding). For us, the Nunta la mare team managed to build a wonderful memory. We have a wedding that we will talk about for years to come! Thank you! You are wonderful!”

Everything was EXCEPTIONAL!

“Everything was EXCEPTIONAL! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, what you created was simply a dream. Thanks girls! Our event looked Flawless! It was much more beautiful than I dreamed. I will wholeheartedly recommend you and I will always carry in my soul the image of this day, the beauty of which you contributed to!”

Absolutely Top Services!!!!

“Absolutely Top Services!!!! We recommend them with complete confidence! In September 2018 we had a very nice collaboration with this wonderful team! We said our vows by the seaside and the restaurant we chose was also only a few steps away from the beach. We were lucky to come across these wonderful people who supported us enormously in realizing our dream, namely: that of having a beach wedding. Any requests, questions, concerns we had, were all discussed in detail and a solution was found for absolutely anything. There was nothing these people couldn't do! We had several meetings, we exchanged ideas, we consulted. And the smallest idea, suggestion was taken into account! If you want everything to be about you and the quality of the services/products provided to be absolute, collaborate with them! This team for us means: #professionalism #devotion and a lot of good taste! Thank you for all the support, for the simple and elegant decor that left us speechless even though we had decided together what and how it would be!!! Without you, our wedding at the sea would not have been complete! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️”

Everything was perfect...

“Hello Andreea & Ramona! We first of all want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the collaboration, the effort, the fact that you fulfilled even our tinyest wishes so that we could have a dream day! Everything was perfect, we are extremely glad that we chose to have you with us and our guests did not hesitate to express their admiration for the wonderful decor and attention to detail. We all felt like we were in a fairy tale by the sea! 😀 The questions regarding the organizers were not slow to come either, and we gladly recommend you to all those interested. We wish you a wonderful autumn with beautiful events! Sending you warm hugs!” For the future bride and groom: “For those who are from Constanța and generally from the Black Sea coast or have in mind a wedding with a marine theme and do not live in Romania, like me, the girls from Nunta la mare are the 8th wonder of the world. 😄 From the invitations, bridal and godmother bouquets, groom and godfather accessories, wedding candles, to restaurant/terrace decorations, candy bar and a few bridal treats that I allowed myself 😬 all materialized thanks to their special attention to detail (note to perfectionists 😉) and punctuality. They made our day gorgeous without us having to worry that something/anything will be out of place or forgotten. "In service of the bride and groom" seems to be the motto of the Nunta la mare team, and those who think that they don't need an event planner and that they will do everything themselves, take my word for it that it will never come out as beautifully as when someone applies a concept from beginning to end. Compliments and admiration have flowed in and we ourselves are forever in love with the setting of our wedding and forever grateful to the girls for everything they did for us.”

...everything was wonderful

“Hello girls, how are you doing? We are back in sunny England (really, for once 🙂 ) and I can finally sit down and write to you. (…..). I'm really sorry I didn't get to you before because I would have hugged you both for everything you did for us, everything was wonderful. I will recommend you as much as I can to everyone, a lot of people asked me who made me that gorgeous bouquet of flowers, who took care of the decoration, etc. (……) 😀 Sending you hugs kisses and thanking you from the bottom of my heart once again for everything!” For the bride and groomi: “I've heard that planning a wedding is a very stressful process. We have no way of knowing this, the girls from Nunta la mare did everything for us, with minimal instructions, and in the end, everything exceeded expectations. So if you have any doubts, I wholeheartedly recommend you take advantage of their offer and go meet them. They are warm and kind and Ramona makes, hands down, the most beautiful flower bouquets. ❤️”

The Best Wedding Planner!!!!

“Thank you for the smiles you brought into our lives! You were the creative team of a dream memory! The Best Wedding Planner!!!!”

Everything went perfectly

“As a man, you cannot grasp the importance of decorations and flowers unless you have a developed feminine side. I haven't got one, so I want to thank the team for the amazing smile they left on my wife's face at the sight of the flowers and the arrangements at the restaurant. Everything went perfectly, one meeting was enough for this team to read our hearts desires. They took care of everything down to the smallest detail and I can't point to any lack or problem of collaboration or ideas. From bows to intricate arrangements, they made the impossible possible. Their theme words are: respect, professionals, beautiful people, dedication, attention, and openness to new things. Thank you for everything and I will invite Cătălina to complete with a more detailed review! FLOWER POWER!!!!!”

Everything turned out great...

“Thank you for all your help. Everything turned out great, it was worth all the effort for how the evening turned out. Thanks again!”

all the products exceeded my expectations!

“Thanks for everything Ramona and Andreea! Your hands make many brides happy! I'm all smiles since yesterday 😀😀 all the products exceeded my expectations! 😍😍 Sending you kisses!”

The most beautiful people!

“The most talented! The most professional! The most beautiful people! The list goes on… 😀 I love you and thank you! Thanks to you we had the most beautiful wedding on the beach! <3 :* A story”

we are very lucky to have had you by our side...

“I don't know if I can thank you in any way for everything you have done for us, you made our dream come true: Macovei Ramona and the whole Nunta la mare team! I just want to tell you that you are wonderful people and that you are a part of our lives, we are very lucky to have had you by our side during one of the most beautiful moments of our lives.”

wonderful team

“Flowers played an extremely important role for me. I didn't want something classic, I wanted something more special which was handled by a wonderful team, the Nunta la mare team. They are true professionals, they put a lot of passion and dedication into everything they do so that those who use their services feel as good as possible on their wedding day and have an unforgettable day. You are extraordinary people and it can be seen that you work for pleasure and with great devotion. Keep it up and continued success!”

It was a gorgeous setting!

“Thanks a lot for all the help! We had a 'blooming' wedding with your help! It was a gorgeous setting! You are wonderful! 🙂 We are glad you joined us. Everything looked great!!”

the artist Ramona is simply amazing!

“I would say that the artist Ramona is simply amazing ✨ she made a “seashell bouquet” that gave the perfect and creative touch to the bouquet of the special day and will surely continue to bring us joy as a home decoration even after the wedding and will be a treasured memory long after our special day ❤!”

... professionalism, and patience

“Thank you Nunta la mare, thank you Ramona for the most beautiful bouquets and the dream decoration. You are the most patient person I have ever met and the only one who truly understood what I wanted without trying to change my vision. Thank you for all your effort, professionalism, and patience. We strongly recommend Nunta la mare!! See you at the baptism!!”

they are reliable, friendly, and efficient!

Andreea: “A wonderful combination of talent, imagination, good taste and professionalism! I wish we have more events so we can call on you! Congratulations!” George: “A successful collaboration, Ramona and George perfectly understood our wishes and adapted the solutions from their portfolio to offer us a fairytale wedding, without organizational stress and without unpleasant surprises. We highly recommend Nunta la mare, they are reliable, friendly, and efficient - you rarely find this complete package! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

... dedication, professionalism, and good taste

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the absolutely gorgeous decorations we had both at the wedding and at the christening, for your dedication, professionalism, and good taste.”

A small company with a lot of soul, attention, and dedication

“Comments from my "bride": About Nunta la mare: "A small company with a lot of soul, attention, and dedication. They offer a complete package for a dream wedding.” Our wedding: “A gorgeous location prepared with care and attention even with last-minute changes on our part. A wedding that was talked about more than we had time to storytell with our loved ones. Thank you once again for everything.”

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