The Beach Wedding Consultation

Someone proposed. Someone said ‘yes’. And now… you’re getting married. We’re thrilled for you. But…

The Beach Wedding Consultation

Someone proposed. Someone said ‘yes’. And now… you’re getting married. We’re thrilled for you. But…

Are you sure a beach wedding is the right way to celebrate your love for one another?

“Why would I even be reading this if I didn’t want a beach wedding?”

We hear you.

But in truth, even though it’s our jam, a beach wedding isn’t for everyone.

There are challenges which are specific to a beach wedding or amplified by a seaside event when compared to a more classical event.

You’re bound to deal with stuff like…

… and all of this while planning at a distance from the actual location where the wedding will take place.

Soon enough…

You have 100+ browser tabs open as you’re scrambling to account for all the factors that could interfere with your one-time-only dream day.


The lack of clear and complete information messes with your head and you end up wondering… “why did I even choose a beach wedding?”.


Or even worse, on the-day-of, you end up with logistical problems that turn your beautiful event into a jumping-through-hoops tournament.

But it can also go like this…

You can get all the information you need, information we’ve collected during 13 years, while planning over 300 weddings, information that’s up-to-date (unlike blog posts on most wedding planning websites)…


You can learn all about…


The Beach Wedding Consultation

A 60-minute session where we get to cover all of the above and more.

A 60-minute call that will kickstart your wedding planning process.
That will get you excited about all there is to be organized and leave you relieved about not missing any essential step.

That will help you see the light at the end of all your TO-DOs.

Who am I to promise you this step-by-step guidance, anyway?

Hi! I’m Ramona!

When I’m not enjoying some beach time with my husband, George and son Albert, or sipping on single origin coffee or margaritas, I launch 5-star wedding planning businesses. 😉

On a rainy October evening, all the way back in 2010, I was swirling around a glass of wine and the conviction that I want to create memorable moments of beauty & connection.

That moment turned into the foundation of

Nunta La Mare.

13 years down the line, what drives me to always give my all to each wedding planning project is a mix of the love shared by my clients, their appreciation for nature and the shared feeling of freedom that the sea instills within us.

During these 13 years, I have planned 300+ weddings, creating unique, immersive experiences for the bride, groom, their families & guests.

And if you allow me to, here’s how I plan on creating this for you, too…

Absolutely Top Services!!!!

“Absolutely Top Services!!!! We recommend them with complete confidence!
In September 2018 we had a very nice collaboration with this wonderful team! We said our vows by the seaside and the restaurant we chose was also only a few steps away from the beach. We were lucky to come across these wonderful people who supported us enormously in realizing our dream, namely: that of having a beach wedding. Any requests, questions, concerns we had, were all discussed in detail and a solution was found for absolutely anything. There was nothing these people couldn't do! We had several meetings, we exchanged ideas, we consulted. And the smallest idea, suggestion was taken into account! If you want everything to be about you and the quality of the services/products provided to be absolute, collaborate with them! This team for us means: #professionalism #devotion and a lot of good taste! Thank you for all the support, for the simple and elegant decor that left us speechless even though we had decided together what and how it would be!!! Without you, our wedding at the sea would not have been complete! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️”

The Beach Wedding Consultation is for you if…

…you’re thinking of managing the planning and design of your own wedding, this call is a MUST HAVE for you.

It will help you get started on the right foot, secure in the knowledge that you have had specialized guidance pointing you in all the right directions.

And if you do decide to work together with us to plan your special day, the cost is deducted from the planning package.
Can you hear the waves whisper “win-win”?

Because, in all fairness…

…you can keep the tension in your shoulders that makes them squeeze painfully whenever you think about all the wedding details you might be overlooking… details that could turn the whole planning process on its head…

…but why would you?

Join the unconventional wedding movement!

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