Wedding Planning

Critical “make or break” question for couples who despite loving the seaside are STILL struggling with their plan for a beach wedding:

Wedding Planning

Critical “make or break” question for couples who despite loving the seaside are STILL struggling with their plan for a beach wedding:

What’s the biggest difference between a remarkable wedding that both you and your guests will cherish as a memory, one that will light up your face when you’re sharing photos with your children in a few years…

…and one that will keep you on your toes for your entire special day and still leave you feeling like your dream may have been a bit too big for what reality could provide?

If you guessed an awe-inspiring location… you’d be right.

If you guessed decor & entertainment that infuse the place with charm & personality… you’d also be right.

If you guessed food that fits everyone’s dietary needs & satisfies each taste bud… you’d be right once again.

But while all these things are equally important…

They’re only parts of the puzzle.


Because unless you’ve planned at least a dozen similar events and have about 200 free hours on your hands…

…the magical atmosphere you will work intensely to create, will at best come at the expense of your stress levels…

… and at worst, turn your brain to mush as you constantly flirt with an unrelenting sense of burnout.

So here’s the deal…

Do you feel ready

to turn your date nights into wedding planning sessions for the next 6 months?

Forehead propped up on one hand, you comb through the folder filled with vendor details, looking for to-do-s that still need resolving.

Meanwhile, your future spouse is typing yet another email requesting a price estimate from a band.

One that will travel to your chosen location at the desired date.

One that will play the kind of music you resonate with.

One that will not ask for an arm & a leg in compensation.

You hear them sigh in defeat.

You can’t blame them.

You feel just as frustrated & overwhelmed.

You’ve been inquiring & negotiating, over and over, for… how many months?

And you’re still in the deep end.

You can’t even imagine how it will turn out when the day finally comes.

Your photographer, your videographer, your brand, your candy bar, your coffee bar, the decoration suppliers, and many more are going to arrive at different points on that special day.


You picture them all calling you asking for information while you’re getting your hair & makeup done and you just…

…feel like throwing the vendor folder out the window.

That sounds like a dramatic moment.

But it’s what many couples we’ve worked with experienced before asking for our help.

The fact of the matter is…

As a couple who feels deeply connected to the sea, you deserve to have a wedding where the sea is a witness to your union.

No IFs or BUTs about it.


No matter where you end up having your wedding or how you manage to plan it, the day will be engraved into your memories.

With the amount of care and hope that you put into this one life-changing event, you deserve to truly savour it – both as it happens and when remembering it years later.

You deserve to know ahead of time that your dreams for this special day will not be let down.

You deserve to feel like the special guest to your wedding, not the go-to person for everyone else’s needs.

And you deserve to have the sea as a bonus guest, peeking out of your photographs and infusing the air with its salty perfume.

In a moment, I’m going to show you how to ACTUALLY get that dream wedding that I know you crave & deserve.

But first, a few key things you need to discover about beach weddings…

Here are 5 liberating truths you must awaken to right now if you want to avoid ending up stuck with a chronic case of

Beach Wedding Crisis

I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you to know that you’ll need to rely on oh-so many vendors when planning your beach wedding.

From florists to location, from caterers to photographers & videographers, from music services to rental ones.

Unfortunately, many vendors may not be responsive or communicate clearly, especially during wedding season, leading to delays in the planning process or – even worse – misunderstandings about the deliverables.

This inevitably causes frustration for you as you try to coordinate and ensure everything is in order for your special day.

Stress points:
Possibility of you getting something different than what you’ve asked for:

This is an unfortunate truth.

Some vendors may not be transparent about their pricing structure and may have hidden fees that are only revealed later in the planning process.

This can make it challenging for you to stick to your budget and may result in large unexpected expenses that you hadn’t accounted for.

Stress points:
Possibility of you getting scammed:

Beach weddings have their unique considerations, such as local regulations, permits, and logistics specific to coastal areas.
Unfortunately, not all vendors may have experience working in a beach wedding setting, and they may not be familiar with the specific requirements or challenges that can arise.
This lack of knowledge and experience can potentially lead to complications or oversights when it comes to meeting legal requirements or ensuring a smooth wedding day experience.

Stress points:
Possibility of it interfering with your wedding plans:

One of the perks of a beach wedding is the beautiful natural backdrop.

However, it’s essential to consider the potential impact of poor weather conditions such as rain, wind, or high tide.

Unlike traditional indoor venues, beach bars or similar locations do not offer the same level of protection or backup options in case of inclement weather.

So it falls to you to find suitable alternatives or contingency plans that can accommodate these natural conditions.

Stress points:
Possibility of disrupting your wedding plans:

When planning a wedding, ‘wining & dining’ your guests is a crucial aspect to consider.

However, some beach locations may have limited options when it comes to food and beverage providers.

This can pose challenges if you have guests with specific dietary restrictions or preferences.

It will then require additional effort on your behalf to find vendors who can accommodate a range of tastes and dietary needs, ensuring that all your guests are enjoying the event to the fullest.

Stress points:
Possibility to only serve raw veggies as your vegan-friendly option:

Plot-twist: even with all those obstacles, there is still a way to experience…

The Beach Wedding That Tells Your Story

(Without Turning Your Life Into A Documentary About Planning & Vendor Negotiation Techniques)

If you’ve made it this far, you ALREADY know that planning a beach wedding is a more challenging & time-consuming process than you could anticipate.

But there is still one thing you might be wondering about beach weddings…

Can they live up to the hype? To your expectations?

Tell your specific story in front of your loved ones?

With the Concept Story Wedding method that we’re about to share with you, this can absolutely happen!

The Concept Story Wedding leads with the following promises:

Not all beach weddings have to be:

Not all beach weddings have to have:

Your beach wedding can, and should be a reflection of who you are…

Your Concept Story Wedding is totally within reach for you & your future spouse

(whether you’re starting from scratch or have been struggling with planning it for a while now)...

… but it DOES depend on taking a straight line, honesty-based, step-by-step approach, that allows you to:

Cause here’s the thing…

You don’t want to feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled on the most dreamed day of your life.

You can’t afford to have this experience come short of your hopes & expectations.

And now you don’t have to.

I recommend you with an open heart

“I recommend you with an open heart. We had the perfect wedding, organized in just 3 weeks. Spontaneity is what characterizes our couple, and for our wedding to be as we wanted in a short time, we knew we needed people who understood what we wanted, people that were both prompt and professional. We found them in the Nunta la mare team.”

Who am I to promise you this fabulous experience, anyway?

Hi! I’m Ramona!

When I’m not enjoying some beach time with my husband, George and son Albert, or sipping on single origin coffee or margaritas, I launch 5-star wedding planning businesses. 😉

On a rainy October evening, all the way back in 2010, I was swirling around a glass of wine and the conviction that I want to create memorable moments of beauty & connection.

That moment turned into the foundation of Nunta La Mare.

13 years down the line, what drives me to always give my all to each wedding planning project is a mix of the love shared by my clients, their appreciation for nature and the shared feeling of freedom that the sea instills within us.

During these 13 years, I have planned 300+ weddings, creating unique, immersive experiences for the bride, groom, their families & guests.

And if you allow me to, here’s how I plan on creating this for you, too…

...the best team

“I wholeheartedly recommend them, the best team! They are professional, have good taste and are simply special people! They organized a dream wedding for us in just 4 weeks. Bravo to the girls, Ramona and Andreea! Thank you once again for the opportunity to collaborate! You are the best!😘”

You gave us the perfect wedding...our dream wedding

From the first to the last meeting with Andreea and Ramona, one thing was particularly clear... their experience and professionalism in the field spoke volumes! Their attention to our wishes, attention to detail, their good taste while also minding our budget.... and the simplicity with which they took all the weight and stress off our shoulders makes us recommend Nunta la mare with the complete confidence! During our 1-year collaboration everything went perfectly and we were offered not only the much-dreamed-of wedding but also so many other benefits! We wouldn't have succeeded without you! We don't know how to thank you enough for everything you've done for us...we literally had a dream day thanks to your dedication, perfectionism and professionalism! You gave us the perfect wedding...our dream wedding! You are absolutely wonderful! We remain eternally grateful to you!

...everything was wonderful

“Hello girls, how are you doing? We are back in sunny England (really, for once 🙂 ) and I can finally sit down and write to you. (…..). I'm really sorry I didn't get to you before because I would have hugged you both for everything you did for us, everything was wonderful. I will recommend you as much as I can to everyone, a lot of people asked me who made me that gorgeous bouquet of flowers, who took care of the decoration, etc. (……) 😀 Sending you hugs kisses and thanking you from the bottom of my heart once again for everything!”
For the bride and groomi: “I've heard that planning a wedding is a very stressful process. We have no way of knowing this, the girls from Nunta la mare did everything for us, with minimal instructions, and in the end, everything exceeded expectations. So if you have any doubts, I wholeheartedly recommend you take advantage of their offer and go meet them. They are warm and kind and Ramona makes, hands down, the most beautiful flower bouquets. ❤️”

Everything turned out as we wanted

“Hello girls! Thanks for helping us implement all our ideas and contributing many of them yourself. Everything turned out as we wanted. The decor was amazing! Thanks again! Kisses 💛”


Nunta La Mare Wedding Planning

Get your wedding planned & coordinated by the oldest, most established & customer-centric concept wedding planning team.

We’ve invested the last 13 years learning from the industry experts & applying international best wedding planning practices to help:

The results we delivered were received with gratitude:

300+ Weddings

Each one - a Concept Story Wedding that the bride & groom felt…

… confident in before it took place.

… relaxed & fulfilled while it was unfolding.

… nostalgic after it was over.

Thank you so much for everything

“Nooo 😂 Are you sleeping? We are on our way to our holidayyyy! Thank you so much for everything 🥁✨🙏 It was great, it was like it went by too fast 😇 I got really good feedback from the guests. It really turned out great 👌”

All the guests had a blast

“Hello! 🤗 We wanted to thank you very much for your effort, the event turned out exactly as we wanted! From the wedding on the beach to the restaurant decorations, the candy bar, and the beautiful flowers, the music was very good and the food as well! All the guests had a blast, and that's mostly because of you! Thanks again! With love, Alina and Andrei!🌈🍾”

So, whether you’re…

Just starting out with the process of setting a date, finding a location & vendors that fit your needs and feel unsure of how to get the ball rolling
Already in negotiations with most of your vendors but feel like time is running out and you need more support than you had anticipated
…Our Concept Story Wedding Planning Services will ensure that you feel supported, your story & imagination are nourished & creatively expressed, and your time, wishes & budget respected.

We do this by…

Finding the right vendors at reasonable prices shouldn’t be the cause for you to compromise long-desired elements of your wedding.

With a wealth of experience and industry connections, we work tirelessly to secure the best deals with florists, photographers, caterers, and rental services.

Through our negotiations, you will save valuable time and money.

And once we have all those vendors lined up, we take care of…

We know you want your wedding day to be flawless, with every vendor seamlessly working together to create a magical experience.

That’s why we take charge of coordinating all the vendors, ensuring that each one knows their responsibilities and timeline.

From the arrival of the floral arrangements to the perfect timing of the wedding cake cutting, our meticulous coordination ensures that you and your future spouse can relax and revel in the joyous moments of your special day.

But vendors aren't the only thing that needs to be coordinated, we also help you with…

Planning a beach wedding involves numerous daunting logistical details which need to be juggled before, during and after the ceremony & celebration occurs.

From coordinating transportation for guests to arranging accommodation and handling venue setup, we handle every aspect.

Our 13-year expertise ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing you, your partner and your loved ones to savor each moment of the celebration.

But even with the best planning, we will deal with…

Unexpected situations will come up even with the best planning.

And you don’t want to be scrambling to fix them – on an empty, anxiety-filled stomach no less – instead of taking those intimate ‘bride & groom are getting ready’ photos.

From sudden changes in weather to the last-minute family or guest issues, we have contingency plans in place.

Our calm and resourceful approach ensures that you will be able to relax and enjoy your wedding day without any stress or disruptions.

While all of this is taken care of, we will be…

You and your future spouse surely have your unique vision for your beach wedding.

To bring it to life, though, you need an honest, pragmatic & innovative professional who will take the time to understand your vision and pave you a clear path to its implementation.

From unique décor arrangements to themed elements that showcase your love story, our designs will leave you delighted to see your dreams turned into reality through our imaginative solutions.

I had my dream wedding

I had my dream wedding, my feet deep in the sand, thanks to Ramona and Andrea. It only took a few meetings for them to understand and then accomplish exactly what we wanted. A wonderful setting, gorgeous floral arrangements, everything thought out in detail. The girls from the Nunta la mare team are very discreet and full of common sense! They directed us to the best service providers (delicious cake, a photographer who took unique pictures, in tune with the wedding). For us, the Nunta la mare team managed to build a wonderful memory. We have a wedding that we will talk about for years to come! Thank you! You are wonderful!

By now, you already know that the biggest difference between a remarkable wedding that both you and your guests will cherish as a memory…

…and one that will keep you on your toes for your entire special day and still leave you feeling underwhelmed is to…

Hire a wedding planner that applies The Concept Story Method

So if you’re still here… let’s wrap up with a lil’ real talk.

If you’re a couple who’s fully decided on a beach wedding, but still feel unsure about how & when you’ll manage all the planning...

... you need a Concept Story Method wedding planner.

If you’re a couple who love the seaside, but feel like a beach wedding would come with limitations in terms of decor or entertainment...

... you need a Concept Story Method wedding planner.

If you’re a couple who longs to get married by the sea but you live too far away to manage arranging all the logistics by yourself...

... you need a Concept Story Method wedding planner.


If you’ve got your sights set on a dream wedding that you’ll look forward to with excitement and look back on with endearment...

... you need a Concept Story Method wedding planner.

If you’re ready to have that wedding, we look forward to partnering with you and to make this the most rewarding, enchanting & impactful day of your life.

What you did was incredible!!!

Hello my dear girls 🤗😘 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wishes! What you did was incredible!!! I don't think there are words to express our gratitude. Everything was excellent, thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤🤗😘😍😍😍

Best unconventional wedding...

Best unconventional wedding of the year 😀 ... and the reaction from the people who were present is that it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever been to!!! Thank youuuuuuu:)

I really liked the decor!

I really liked the decor! Simple and delicate, just like I wanted! Refined and intimate!!!! Thanks a lot!

Everything was EXCEPTIONAL!

Everything was EXCEPTIONAL! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, what you created was simply a dream. Thanks girls! Our event looked Flawless! It was much more beautiful than I dreamed. I will wholeheartedly recommend you and I will always carry in my soul the image of this day, the beauty of which you contributed to!

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