Meet Ramona & George


…is the heart and lighthouse of Nunta La Mare.
While so many of our testimonials mention her professionalism, her dedication, her creativity and her attention to detail, she prides herself the most in her honesty.
Ramona is the type of wedding planner that will tell you from the get-go, as the Romanian saying goes ‘verde-n-fata’, how much something will cost, if it’s an impediment to your dream wedding or if there’s something that you’re missing.

Whether you choose to work with her or not will not keep her from being open and direct about her recommendations, advice she bases on 13+ years of wedding planning and event design experience.

She is the one who will guide you through the wedding planning process if you choose our Beach Wedding Consultation call.

She is the one who will create your wedding concept, theme & design if you choose to book our event design services.

And she is the one who will be hands on negotiating with vendors, coordinating the event on the day of and so much more if you decide to book us as your wedding planners.


…is the grounding feet-in-the-sand & forecast specialist of Nunta La Mare.

He anticipates situations that may arise during the planning process or the wedding itself and prepares the team for them.

He does this so well that usually, that your wedding party doesn’t even have to think, let alone worry, about the possible interruptions or crises that may arise.

Not only that, his foresight includes new wedding trends, which he prepares us for by buying all the decorative elements that we’ll need to deliver the wedding of your dreams.

He’s also the go-to-person for reality-checks in terms of our implementation of the many creative ideas that both us and you, the bride & groom, come up with.

George is a family man through and through and his care and support are invaluable not only to the performance of Nunta La Mare but also to us as a unit. So here’s my shout-out to a fabulous dad and husband who is currently cooking us a pasta dinner while I write.


The rest of our team varies with suppliers especially hired based on the needs & specifics of each wedding.

This means that we always have around 5 people supporting us with every event.

We couldn’t do this without them so we just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU, even if it’s a collective one 🙂

Throughout our journey, so many people supported us, contributing to the creation and evolution of Nunta La Mare. While they have been invaluable to us, they’ve also ventured on their own journeys, exploring and crafting their unique craft. To them, whose paths have diverged yet remain close to our hearts, we send our heartfelt THANKS. Your presence has been a gift, and we are immensely grateful for the time we shared throughout the years.

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