Our Story…

…starts in 2010, in the profoundly maritime Mangalia, on a rainy October evening, in front of a glass of red wine. Thinking back, it probably was the Merlot, and the sounds of raindrops and sea waves intertwining that helped us reach the conclusion that we wanted to create moments of beauty and joy.

Moments like our own wedding that we had organized by ourselves only 2 years earlier.

Making a decision so in line with our calling meant that the next steps were shown to us at a quick pace.

Early 2011, we met the first couple whose beach wedding we got to plan.
Oana & Alex lived in Bucharest & wanted a beach ceremony & wedding celebration in Vama Veche.

In the wake of planning their wedding and fueled by our profound connection to the seaside, a revelation struck. It all made sense and it was a natural progression for us to launch the first Romanian beach wedding planning business.

We wanted to offer other couples who cherished the Black Sea as much as we did, the opportunity to celebrate their love with the breeze & the salty water on their guest list.


You can see how the event turned out here.

Our Story…

Our journey involved a lot of learning and upskilling and some interesting side-projects.

You can discover more about how we got to where we are today, following the below timeline and gallery …

We announced our arrival at the esteemed Expomariage Wedding Fair in Bucharest.

A frantic yet exhilarating three months saw us toiling away, meticulously crafting our website, conceptualizing flyers and business cards, and orchestrating the stand decoration. Every detail, down to the photo shoots adorned with diverse decorations and arrangements, was meticulously crafted.

The fair wasn’t just our debut, we also secured our first wedding contract, marking the inception of our journey in the world of love celebrations.

Each stitch of effort woven into the preparations was not just about participation – it was a testament to our dedication, a prelude to the quality and passion that still defines our brand.

During our first year, we faced numerous obstacles and quickly recognized the necessity of constant innovation and enhancement to craft something extraordinary. The insights garnered from overcoming early hurdles were instrumental in reshaping our strategy. We arrived at the fair better equipped, boasting an upgraded website, an expanded portfolio, and newly designed leaflets and business cards, each element reflecting our refined approach born from previous experiences.

We unveiled Nunta La Mare, a refreshing wedding concept embodying the essence of seaside weddings. Our stand, adorned to echo the allure of weddings by the sea, became the launchpad for this innovative concept in Romania. It marked the beginning of a surge in inquiries, a trend that would only escalate annually.

The same year, our innovative approach and unique concept caught the attention of fpeople.ro, earning us a feature that illuminated the emergence of seaside weddings in Romania. Furthermore, Mireasa magazine featured us, amplifying the enchantment of weddings by the sea to a wider audience.

We were ecstatic to discover our feature in issue 10 of Elle Mariage magazine, dated June 2013, distinguished as the new wave in the wedding category, particularly for beach weddings. This recognition was unexpected and delightful, a surprise we only became aware of when we received a call from Adriana. She and her future husband, Dan, had their hearts set on a seaside wedding and discovered us through our feature in Elle Mariage.

Our collaboration with Adriana & Dan marked a significant chapter in our journey. Their wedding by the sea was a pioneering event where our innovative concepts and ideas were fully realized. With complete creative freedom, we meticulously planned and crafted every detail of their celebration, weaving an enchanting narrative of love amidst the serene backdrop of the sea. We will be forever grateful they entrusted us with the reins of both planning and decorating, a gesture that allowed our creativity to soar.

The success and beauty of Adriana & Dan’s wedding catapulted our reputation, ushering in a surge of inquiries for beach weddings. The allure of their celebration resonated with many couples, leading to an increased demand for similar idyllic locations and settings, affirming our place in the evolving landscape of wedding planning. You can see the event here.

It all started with a message we received on our Facebook page from a bride-to-be who strongly desired a unique bridal bouquet. The wedding was set to take place by the sea, in Vama Veche, and her wish was to carry a bouquet made of shells, snails, and starfish. That’s how Ramona created the first bridal bouquet made of shells.

We absolutely adore events that are personalized down to the smallest detail, which is why we started the project Handmade By The Sea.

It involves custom-making bridal and godmother bouquets out of shells, buttons, brooches, cockades, bracelets, hair accessories, glasses for the bride and groom, godparents, and so much more.

Motivated by a keen desire to craft cohesive and personalized concepts for couples, Ramona embarked on a journey to elevate her expertise in floral design.

She immersed herself in the esteemed 4-month floral design course at Ilbah Workshops,  under the tutelage of University Lecturer Sanda Lazur, a seasoned expert boasting over 30 years of experience.

Ramona further expanded her horizons by participating in the acclaimed Bloom Your Life by Floristiq Art training crafted by Andreea Stor. This course, a synthesis of expertise from renowned international floral designers, like Andreea Stor (Romania), Lana Bates (Great Britain), Alice Amber and Andrey Kostin (Rusia) offered insights into innovative themes of floral design. Each session, a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary artistry, contributed to refining Ramona’s skills and enhancing her creative vision in the world of floral aesthetics.

This was the most intensive year, not only in terms of floral design training but also in business management, including the FOUNDATION in Floral Design courses, Gregor Lersch’s Bloom your Business program and the advanced Bloom Your Life floral design workshop.

The FOUNDATION in Floral Design is an international floristry course crafted by Andreea Stor – founder of Floristiq Art International.165 hours of intensive theoretical and practical work were divided into three modules.

Module I and II were led by Andreea Stor and Julie Person – a floristry consultant, floral design teacher, and international demonstrator from the UK. The final module was held by Andreea Stor alongside Rosa Valls, an international floral design teacher with over 30 years of experience, from Spain. The focus of the entire course was on the elements and principles of floral design, the rule of proportions, flower conditioning, and a multitude of techniques, from the simplest to the most complex.

Bloom Your Business is a comprehensive program designed to foster the growth of florists in both floral design and business acumen. In 2016, it was facilitated by Master Gregor Lersch, globally recognized as a top-tier floral designer, renowned for his style that amalgamates all forms of floral art with innovative techniques. He is one of the international floral design teachers who has influenced generations of florists. In 2016, he visited Romania for the first time at the invitation of Floristiq Art International.

Bloom Your Life is a unique floral design program, catering to florists nationwide. In November 2016, the event unfolded at the Palace of Culture in Iași, a city teeming with creativity, cultural aficionados, and connoisseurs of beauty, in partnership with Decro Floristică. This workshop was distinct, emphasizing teamwork that culminated in the creation of an extraordinary floral installation, floral jewelry, unique Christmas decorations, and a towering four-meter-tall Christmas tree that captivated visitors.

This time Ramona Macovei was part of the team of trainers, joining forces with Raluca Olaru from Iași, Biciușcă Bogdana from Roman, Ana Maria Stanciu from Buzău, and Laura Draghici from Ploiești, under the guidance of Andreea Stör, the founder of Romania’s first floral design school, Floristiq Art International.

In april 2016 the enchanting three-day spectacle of the second edition of the Timfloralis Flower Festival graced Timișoara. The festival aimed to blend various artistic methods where flowers could be the centerpiece, weaving together designers, architects, landscapers, international florists, environmentalists, students, schools, universities, artists, businesses, and traders. Their collective endeavor was to reignite and celebrate the intrinsic value of flowers. Ramona and George, represented Mangalia alongside florist designers from the Association of Romanian Florists from across the nation. Together, they conjured magical floral designs, immersing themselves in the celebratory ambiance.

We displayed our Enchanted Forest concept presentation & marine themed handmade accessories at the Nunta Ta (Your Wedding) Fair that took place in Constanța.

The concept brought us an unexpected project, namely the creation of Easter decorations for several Auchan stores throughout the country. A project of immense proportions for us, carried out with automatic fire in just one month, after which for a week we crossed the country to implement the scenery.

And of course, the year couldn’t pass without a floral decoration workshop – Flowering the Museum – focused on jewlery made from natural flowers. An event tailored for the public, executed by the Association of Romanian Florists, took place at the Municipal Museum in Iași. It featured an exhibition of intricate floral arrangements and jewelry crafted from natural flowers, showcasing the sublime artistry of floral design.

The year kicked off with us showcasing another innovative concept at the Nunta Ta Fair – the Sea Wedding concept, complemented by its bespoke marine-themed handmade accessories.

For the cover of the Nunta Ta Guide, we meticulously crafted a Beach Wedding concept decoration and contributed an insightful article outlining the nuances of organizing an idyllic beach wedding.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the Association of Romanian Florists (AFR), we marked our presence at the Zain Festival in Cluj.  There, we commemorated the centennial of the Great Union with a floral design, a radiant display inspired by the hues of the Romanian flag, symbolizing a harmonious blend of heritage and artistry. This radiant display was not just a celebration of a historic milestone but also a symbol of the unity and collaborative artistry of florist designers from across Romania, each contributing their unique touch to this harmonious blend of national heritage and creative expression.

2019 was another jam-packed year, brimming with a diverse array of projects and workshops. We started the year with Nunta Ta Fair in Constanta where we unveiled a concept that beautifully intertwined the simplicity of minimalist style with the edgy touch of industrial accents, all adorned with the beauty of natural flowers.

Only one week later, in the same breath of creativity, we displayed an array of handmade accessories at the Createria Fair. Our exhibit of candles, dried flower paintings, jewelry, and trinkets echoed the versatility of our artistic expression.

Our contribution to the evolving narrative of beach weddings in Romania was recognized in several features in WED MAG and we were also highlighted in the Real Weddings category, this time with a vineyard wedding here.

Our features in WED MAG covered various topics such as: the comparison between seaside and beach weddings,  a candid game of truth and dare about beach weddings, the separation between the roles of decorators, planners, and coordinators – a trifecta of services we proudly offer -, in addition to multiple articles shedding light on the styles, themes, and concepts behind beach weddings.

In 2019 the floral journey came full circle for Ramona. She was not only a participant at Tulipina’s (also known as Kiana Underwood) inaugural masterclass in Romania but also ascended as a trainer at the Hortus Flower Show in Bucharest under the thematic inspiration of Frida Khalo, alongsinde Andreea Stor and a team of florists from Romania.

The pandemic afoot, we kept appearing in WED MAG adapting our narratives to resonate with the complexities of the times. And attending floral design events such as The Hortus Flower Show that was a vibrant showcase of unprecedented combinations, innovative designs and a splash of colors that painted every creation with life.

This time, the demonstration was transmitted LIVE, inviting the gaze of florists nationwide, turning each moment of artistry into a shared experience of learning and inspiration.

2021 marked our most bustling year yet in organizing beach weddings, as we navigated the unique task of merging two wedding seasons into one, accommodating both the rescheduled 2020 weddings and the ones planned for 2021. Our foresight in March 2020 led us to begin rescheduling early, ensuring each 2020 event was seamlessly moved to a similar date in 2021, with all original vendors and locations in place. In addition to this, we skillfully managed the added complexities of the 2021 season, still uncertain due the ongoing pandemic.

Until 2020, we deliberately limited the number of events each season, committing to a maximum of one or two weddings per weekend, to maintain our standard of attention to detail and quality. Well in 2021 that was not the case and it was a wild ride of back-to-back weekends with events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with full planning and design. Despite the intensity of this period, our team remained focused and efficient. We are not just happy with how we coped with the demands but also immensely proud of our achievements!

2022 emerged as a unique and diverse wedding season for us, blending a mix of rescheduled events from 2020 with brand new celebrations. This year stood out due to its rich variety of concepts and styles. On one hand, we had the postponed 2020 weddings, each carrying its own distinct theme and planning that had been meticulously crafted in anticipation.

On the other, the new weddings planned for 2022 brought fresh ideas and trends into the mix. This combination resulted in a dynamic and varied season, showcasing a wide spectrum of wedding designs, themes, and experiences, reflecting the diverse preferences and visions of our couples. It was a year marked by adaptability, creativity, and the beautiful convergence of past plans and new beginnings.

At the end of the season, Ramona was invited by Alexandru Marius Iancu, the founder of Urban Events, to talk about weddings at sea in the #nuntaaltfel podcast.


Discover the episode here.

The launch of the website nuntalamare.ro,  our revamped digital haven, a culmination of over a decade of mastery, passion, and insights gleaned from orchestrating mesmerizing seaside weddings. With 13 years under our belt, every wave that kissed the shore, every sunset that graced the horizon, and every couple that said ‘I do’ by the serene seaside, contributed to the treasure of knowledge and expertise that we are eager to share with the world through our new, enhanced website.

Our digital platform is not just a website but a journey – meticulously crafted to reflect the richness and depth of our experience. It is a reflection of our journey, laced with stories of love that bloomed amidst the golden sands and azure waters. Every feature, every image, and every piece of content is a testament to the countless hours, unwavering dedication, and immense love poured into making every wedding a picturesque, memorable event.

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