Nunta La Mare is not a venue but a unique concept that has been delighting couples collaborating with us since 2011. We specialize in providing bespoke planning and coordination services, as well as floral and event design, all tailored to each couple’s specific needs, preferences, style, and budget. 

If you’re keen on learning more and seeking specific details about these services, we invite you to explore the Wedding Solutions page. Here, you’ll find comprehensive information on how we can help make your seaside wedding a truly unforgettable event.

We understand that budget is a crucial consideration when making the decision to have a beach wedding. It is important to consider several factors such as the location, the number of guests, the length of the event, the services you choose, the season, and the level of luxury you are looking for. 

For these reasons, we cannot provide an exact answer regarding the costs of a beach wedding without first getting to know each other and discussing your preferences in more detail. 

Costs can vary considerably depending on each couple’s choices and needs and other specific factors. 

Every wedding is unique and personalized, and the total budget of the event depends on the choices you make regarding the suppliers and services involved. 

Our suggestion is to set up an online consultation (find out more here) where we can discuss your beach wedding planning in detail, and better understand your requirements and expectations. This approach enables us to tailor our solutions to fit both your budget and specific desires.

The fee for our consultation session is essential to compensate for our time and expertise, honed over 13 years of organizing seaside weddings along the Romanian coast. 

This session provides you with personalized advice, solutions tailored to your unique needs, and answers to any questions you might have. It represents the quality of our services and enables us to allocate the necessary time to assist you in realizing your dream beach wedding. 

Consider this fee an investment in securing dependable guidance and professional expertise for your seaside wedding planning. For more information, please refer to the details provided here.

The planning of your event is influenced by factors such as the timing, style, and your flexibility with location, date, and suppliers. 

We have the ability to organize a seaside wedding on short notice, even with just a month’s advance notice, depending on our availability. 

Yet, for a thorough planning experience that allows you enough time to make informed decisions and coordinate all necessary arrangements, it’s best to contact us at least 3-6 months before your event. This timeframe provides a wider array of options and facilitates a more relaxed planning process. 

In situations where time is more constrained, we recommend reaching out at least 1-2 months prior to your desired date, to ensure we can effectively organize a personalized beach wedding for you.

We place a high value on providing each couple with the attention they deserve. As a result, we limit the number of events we organize each season. The exact number varies annually, depending on factors like the size, complexity, and location of each event. 

If our approach resonates with you and you’re interested in working with us, it’s best to reach out as soon as possible. To check our availability and discuss potential collaboration, please don’t hesitate to contact us

It’s important to note that our planning policy is to organize events only if they are scheduled a maximum of 12 months in advance, and not more. This approach is tailored to the unique dynamics of the Romanian seaside, where conditions often change. 

Organizing closer to the event date allows us to better adapt to these changes, ensuring a more personalized and up-to-date service for your beach wedding.

Of course! Many of our clients are located in other cities and even outside of Romania. Over time, we have gained experience and developed a well-defined process aka our Concept Story Wedding Framework to facilitate a harmonious collaboration. 

Our communication will take place online, as needed, through video conferencing, phone calls, and email exchanges. Thus, we will ensure that we are always in touch and that stay connected during the entire process of organizing the seaside wedding. Regardless of your location or distance, we are ready to provide the necessary support to help you have your dream wedding.

Additionally, as a unique feature, we offer an 24/7 Available Client Portal. This portal contains all the necessary information and tracks the entire planning process of your wedding, ensuring that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Absolutely not! We’re here to ensure everything goes as planned, even when you can’t be be here until the wedding day. 

We’ve successfully handled such situations before, with couples arriving just in time for their event and still having a wonderful experience. Their glowing testimonials are on our website 😉 

Our team meticulously manages every detail, coordinating with reliable suppliers to plan your seaside wedding. Remember, there are always elements beyond our control, but what matters most is how we respond to them. 

Rest assured, we’re adept at handling surprises and ensuring your big day is as perfect as possible, whether you can visit in advance or not.

We’re not exclusively tied to specific suppliers, even though, over our 13-year journey, we’ve built strong relationships with certain vendors for their commitment and energy

We collaborate with and recommend vendors from various fields who align with our values. Each wedding is unique, as are the preferences of each couple. 

We remain flexible in our recommendations, focusing on finding the most suitable vendors for every unique event. 

Leveraging our experience and industry insights, we offer personalized suggestions tailored to your needs. Whether it’s catering, floral design, photography, music, or any other service for your seaside wedding, we can connect you with reliable suppliers. 

Our commitment is to assist in creating an unforgettable event, with recommendations always centered around quality, professionalism, and matching your vision.

No. You can opt for either planning or design. See all our wedding solutions here.

On our Wedding Solutions page, you will find all the detailed information about our decoration services. These are the starting point in creating your wedding decor and will give you a clear idea of the concepts and styles we can create. 

Depending on your preferences, we can customize any of the packages. Every couple has unique tastes and preferences, so we are flexible and open to tailoring our offerings to perfectly match your vision and desires. 

We can adjust the colors, materials, decorative elements, and other aspects to create a truly personalized setting for your wedding. In short, the three packages offered are a starting point, and together we can explore and adjust the details to achieve exactly what you want. 

We are here to help you turn your wedding into a memorable event with a unique setting. See our wedding design packages here.

Each event is unique, bringing its own set of logistics, opportunities and challenges. 

Our pricing reflects careful consideration of various factors like event size, theme, time, manpower for setup and decor, floral design, transportation, and more. 

As such, our services come with a predetermined base price, crucial for ensuring the top-notch quality you anticipate from us and you deserve 🙂 

The prices for our packages, as detailed here, serve as a starting point. Our proposals reflect the dedication and effort of our entire team in creating your special event.

Actually, while 90% of our events are beach weddings and christenings, we thrive on creativity and enjoy planning a diverse range of events.

Over time, we’ve organized events in various settings, including lakeside locations, the Danube Delta, vineyards, gardens, ballrooms, and more, each unique in its own way.

Each event is carefully tailored to reflect the unique personality and style of each couple that chooses to work with us.

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