Wedding Solutions

The Beach Wedding Consultation

Whether you want to get our help with planning your wedding from scratch or exclusively with the wedding design, this is the first step where we get to know each other, gain insight into your needs & guide you to the right solution for your beach wedding.

If you want to plan your beach wedding by yourselves and need a starting point + a deeper understanding of what it would take to turn your idea into a memorable day, this is also the place to start.

The Beach Wedding Builder (DIY)

If you’re already certain that you want to DIY your wedding – planning, concept, theme, design & coordination, there’s still something to be said about doing it easily and efficiently.

That’s why we developed The Beach Wedding Builder DIY planning tool, which will take you through our 11-step process to help you self-plan a dream-worthy wedding, that respects your budget, in record time.

Beach Ceremonies

Many couples prefer an intimate beachfront ceremony followed by a cozy dinner with loved ones, surrounded by a romantic natural backdrop. If you wish for a ceremony without the frills of a huge event, and the complexity of a wedding planning package, then click below to discover a solution that will turn your hopes into reality.

Wedding Planning

While we decide together on the right next step for your event during our Beach Wedding Consultation, this is the page where you can discover all you need to know about our wedding planning services.

You’ll find out how we prevent beach wedding crisis red flags and ensure that you feel supported, your story & imagination are nourished & creatively expressed, and your time, wishes & budget are respected, using our Concept Story Wedding method.

Wedding Design

If you want to understand the combination of design elements needed to make your wedding not only remarkable, but also a reflection of your personality as a couple, this is the page to check out.

You’ll also discover our event design packages before jumping on a call with us.

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