Beach Ceremonies

Quick question for the couples who want to turn their beach ceremony into a serene and surprising experience…

Beach Ceremonies

Quick question for the couples who want to turn their beach ceremony into a serene and surprising experience…

When you envision your dream wedding, do you find more glory in the serenity of the sea than in a grand & intense affair?

If your inner monologue is articulating a definite ‘yes’, then maybe…just maybe…

it’s time to follow your gut.

So many couples who contact us would prefer an intimate beachfront ceremony followed by a celebratory dinner with soft background tunes as opposed to an elaborate celebration.

The dream:

family members & a few friends you hold dear… and the romantic natural backdrop.

If you also find yourself wishing for…

…a cozy ceremony where the sea and a few select loved ones get to witness your love without all the frills and complexity of a huge event.

And you’d like to experience this without…

… paying for a whole wedding planning package or having to accept terms which limit your vision just because of the size of the event.

Then keep reading…

Cause what follows could EASILY be the reason you will be filled with gratitude and excitement when you say your vows by the seaside a few weeks or months from now.

Because before even putting all your dreams on paper, it’s essential to know…

Why do so many beach ceremonies turn sour?

In our 13 years of planning seaside weddings and beach ceremonies, we’ve noticed several common pitfalls that often spoil the magic of beachfront weddings.

Here’s why so many beach ceremonies leave couples disappointed:

Overwhelming Planning: Most couples find themselves drowning in the details of comprehensive ceremony planning, from vendor coordination to officiant, to venue selection, taking away from the joyous anticipation of their beach ceremony.

Guest Comfort Neglected: The scorching sun or unexpected rain can spin a dream beach ceremony into a troublesome experience, leaving guests uncomfortable and unhappy.

Mismatched Decor: Bringing together disparate elements from various vendors that don’t align with one another often detracts from the overall ambiance couples picture in their minds.

Limited Customization: The cookie-cutter ceremonies that most wedding planning vendors offer lack that special personal touch that truly reflects the couple’s style and love story.

Budget Worries: Hidden costs and lack of transparency often lead to financial stress, making couples wonder if they’re getting what they paid for.

Environmental Impact: Many beach ceremonies leave behind a mess, harming the environment and diminishing the natural beauty of the location.

Let's be real!

You don’t want that.

We don’t want that for you.

We want you to have the serene experience of the intimate ceremony you hope to share with your loved ones

We understand the stress that can come with planning a beachfront ceremony and the heartache that you may experience if it turns out to be less than everything you’ve imagined.

It honestly, really, truly, doesn’t have to be this way.

Your dream beach ceremony can become a reality, filled with love, serenity, and unforgettable moments.

Here’s how we turn the common pitfalls into stepping stones toward your perfect beachfront ceremony:

Planning a beachfront ceremony can be daunting.

Coordinating vendors, selecting the right venue, and ensuring everything runs smoothly can take the joy out of the moment. 

But that’s where we step in. 

Our 13 years of experience mean we know the ins and outs of beach ceremonies. 

We take care of the details so you can focus on what truly matters – each other.

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, but we’ve learned to work with her.

We make sure your guests are comfortable, no matter what she throws our way.

From providing shade and refreshments on hot days to having a rain plan in place, we’ve got your guests’ comfort covered.

Mismatched decor can ruin the ambiance you’ve envisioned. 

With our Seaside Serenity Beach Ceremony Packages, you don’t need to worry about piecing
together elements from various vendors.

We provide expertly crafted decor that aligns perfectly with your style, creating a cohesive and beautiful atmosphere.

Your love story is one of a kind, and your ceremony should be too.

Our commitment to customization means your beachfront ceremony will reflect your personalities, your journey, and your love story.

No one-size-fits-all ceremonies here – just a unique celebration of your relationship.

We cherish the environment as much as you do.

Our eco-friendly approach means we leave no trace behind.

We provide recycling bins, ensure responsible cleanup, and minimize our impact on the beautiful beach location.

Your ceremony can be a celebration of love without harming the picturesque spot that’s going to witness your vows.

We’re dedicated to turning your beachfront ceremony into the serene experience you’ve always imagined.

With our Seaside Serenity Beach Ceremony Packages, you can have it all – the beauty of the beach, the love of your life, and a stress-free, unforgettable celebration.

Imagine saying your vows with the gentle sound of waves in the background, surrounded by loved ones who are comfortable and at ease.

Envision a seamless and elegant decor that tells your unique love story.

Picture a ceremony that fits your budget and respects the environment, leaving only wonderful memories behind.

We believe in making that picture a reality.
Together, we can help you create those memories that you will cherish not only a few weeks from now, but for as long as you live.

Professionalism, creativity, affinity for beauty...

“Professionalism, creativity, affinity for beauty... are the words that characterize the Nuntă La Mare team. The arrangements were beyond our expectations, and due to the fact that our dream became a reality thanks to the team, we can now wholeheartedly recommend this concept to all lovers.”

Who am I to promise this beachfront serenity, anyway?

Hi! I’m Ramona!

When I’m not enjoying some beach time with my husband, George and my son Albert, or sipping on single origin coffee or margaritas, I launch 5-star wedding planning businesses. 😉

On a rainy October evening, all the way back in 2010, I was swirling around a glass of wine and the conviction that I want to create memorable moments of beauty & connection.

That moment turned into the foundation of

Nunta La Mare.

13 years down the line, what drives me to always give my all to each wedding planning project is a mix of the love shared by my clients, their appreciation for nature and the shared feeling of freedom that the sea instills within us.

During these 13 years, I have planned 300+ weddings, creating unique, immersive experiences for the bride, groom, their families & guests.

And if you allow me to, here’s how I plan on creating this for you, too…

It was like I was in a movie, everything was better than I had dreamed of

“I'm getting back to you with feedback about the event held at the beginning of September 2020. When I was proposed to by my gorgeous husband, I knew I wanted to have a wedding on the beach. And not knowing anything about this wedding industry, the first thing was to search on google. And that's how we ended up reaching out to 2 event planning businesses that dealt with weddings on the beach. You and another company from which I requested exactly the same information. I admit, I started out with a heart full of remorse because it seemed impossible for someone to organize the dream wedding without knowing us personally for a long time. But after a few discussions by email and even a video call, I decided to try a meeting with you. And just like that, I ended up at the first seaside meeting, with two absolutely wonderful ladies who, during a 2-hour conversation, convinced me to continue this "crazy" plan. Why "crazy"? Well, a couple, coming from Bucharest, without any idea of what they want, left everything in the hands of people who, in the end, didn't know us. I went to the store, bought my wedding dress and waited for the big day. Until I actually arrived at the beach, I didn't know what was "waiting for me". And that's all I can say. I THOUGHT I WAS DREAMING!
It was like I was in a movie, everything was better than I had dreamed of. From the flower arch, our bouquets, the table setting, the ceremony, the accommodation, EVERYTHING was perfect! And I didn't move a finger. You are absolutely wonderful and special people who know how to make other people feel special. I have no words to tell you how grateful I am for you, and how amazing you made me feel.
Thank you so very much, I wish you at as many events as possible and with great love and warmth I will recommend you to the whole world! I could not have dreamed up what took place in reality! What you have created! Congratulations dear people!
I am glad that I put my trust in the most tight knit team. PS: still very happy together, even with two children after us. If you were in Bucharest, I would ask you to help me with their baptisms! Hugs and kisses!”

Welcome to the stage…

Seaside Serenity Beach Ceremonies

The Nunta La Mare beachfront ceremonies design service.

We’ve invested the last 13 years learning from the industry experts & repeatedly applying international best wedding design practices to help craft your beach ceremony into a remarkable & memorable event…

… that reflects your personality & vision as a couple.

Come for the seaside serenity, and stay for the…

Personalization: The Seaside Serenity Packages offer various customizable elements, such as arch models, veiled fabrics, and directional signs, allowing you to personalize your ceremony decor according to your vision & style.

Eco-Friendly Approach: We have an eco-friendly approach, providing a trash bin for waste and offering decor options that minimize the environmental impact of the event.

Distinctive Style: If you choose to work with us one of the provisions is that we create the entire decor, ensuring a cohesive custom aesthetic.

Comfort: We include a cooling station with fans, thermal water sprays, sunscreen and umbrellas to ensure guests’ comfort during the ceremony, especially in warm weather.

Transparency: The package details and pricing are transparent from the proposal stage, with options for customization and additional services clearly outlined before you sign anything.

... everything turned out as we wanted!

“First of all, thank you very much for all your dedication and support! You are wonderful! Even though the weather was capricious, everything turned out as we wanted! The gorgeous decor, the delicious cake, a priest after our own hearts, Irina was amazing, the location perfect, and the food delicious!”

Your Seaside Serenity Packages

Are tailor-made for couples envisioning an intimate beachfront ceremony without an elaborate post-event gathering, at most, a celebratory dinner with soft background tunes.

These ceremonies are intimate affairs, typically accommodating a limited number of guests, often comprised solely of the couple and their nearest and dearest.

For instance, if you envision a ceremony with 30-40 attendees, complete with a lively party featuring music, a variety of cuisines, and comprehensive event planning (including venue selection and vendor coordination), this package is not applicable.

In such cases, our standard planning package is better suited. Find out more about it here.

The Al Fresco Beach Ceremony Package

We help you with:

1. An elegantly adorned archway draped with veils, lace, and/or unique non-floral elements (such as decorative branches, dried flowers from our workshop like pampas grass, wheat stalks, lavender, and decorative dried leaves). You’ll have several arch models to choose from, ensuring they align perfectly with your event’s style.

2. A ceremonial table, either simple or embellished with lace or veiled fabric.

3. A jute or custom-colored aisle runner, scattered with freeze-dried rose petals matching your event’s color scheme.

4. Wooden chairs with optional simple cushions or accessorized with veils, lace, ribbons, and other embellishments, including thematic elements like starfish (up to 40 chairs).

5. Directional signs and/or wooden signboards with personalized messages or quotes (up to 3) – these can feature your names, a message for your guests, or a favorite quote.

6. Additional decor elements reflecting the theme, such as lanterns, wooden stumps, and more.

7. A cooling station – a designated area equipped with fans, mini cold water sprays, sunscreen, and refreshments to keep your guests comfortable during the ceremony. All elegantly arranged on a bar table, featuring transparent ice buckets with natural flower-infused waters (both still and sparkling).

8. Freeze-dried rose petals in transparent organza bags for your guests to toss at the conclusion of the ceremony.

9. A message for your guests explaining how to use the petals.

10. Beige umbrellas for protection against strong sun or transparent umbrellas in case of rain.


Note: The core concept of this service revolves around providing expertly crafted decor while leaving other event aspects in your capable hands.

You will manage all details, from choosing the ideal location to selecting vendors, while we focus on creating the perfect ambiance.

Starting at
EUR 1.200

The Shore Soiree Decor Package

If you also want to plan an intimate post-ceremony dinner you can opt for the “The Shore Soiree Decor Package”.

We help you with:

1. Different tablecloth models and materials like lace, voile, or cotton.

2. Simple or accessorized taffeta/cotton napkins with ribbons and thematic accents.

3. Customized individual food/drink menus in line with your event’s theme and colors.

4. A central arrangement featuring a combination of special candle holders (pillar candles, blocks, and floating candles), various vases/bottles for flowers, and other thematic decor elements.

Note: If your chosen location lacks the necessary logistics, you can opt for our logistics add-on package, which includes tables, chairs, tableware, cutlery, glasses, and more, tailored to your specific needs.

The Sand in Your Shoes Ceremony Package

For couples seeking an intimate ceremony, who require assistance in finding the right location and necessary vendors (photographer/videographer, officiant, etc.), we offer an additional planning and coordination service.

We help you with:

1. Locating the ceremony venue (a suitable beach location, whether it’s a wild beach or one managed by an economic entity).

2. Identifying essential vendors, including a photographer and/or videographer, ceremony officiant (either a priest or a humanist officiant), and background music options (e.g., handpan, quartet, trumpet, etc.).

3.Organizing an intimate post-ceremony meal near the ceremony site, focusing solely on meal service and excluding a full-fledged party.

In addition to the above packages, you can also explore various custom-made accessories and arrangements made from natural flowers, shells, etc., including:

...the best team

“I wholeheartedly recommend them, the best team! They are professional, have good taste and are simply special people! They organized a dream wedding for us in just 4 weeks. Bravo to the girls, Ramona and Andreea! Thank you once again for the opportunity to collaborate! You are the best!😘”

Too much information?

Still unsure which Seaside Serenity package you need?

So were many of our clients when they first forayed into the glittery lands of ceremony decor & planning.

This is why, we recommend first booking our Beach Wedding Consultation.

A 60-minute call with our head wedding planner & event designer, Ramona, who will walk you through the above bullet points & many more details of their kind.

A call which will guide you towards finding the most cost-effective solution for your beach ceremony, without sacrificing any of your dream details.

A consultation where you can tell your story & ask your questions, and gain insightful tips from our 13-years of experience, whether you choose to book one of our packages at the end or not.

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