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Ioana & Denis

Colourful Festival Wedding


Colourful Festival Wedding


In the enchanting world of wedding planning, every now and then, a couple comes

along who truly redefines the essence of a bespoke celebration. This is the story of Ioana and Denis, a couple whose love for adventure, freedom, and non-conformity painted their wedding day in the most vibrant and unique hues. Ioana and Denis, a globe-trotting couple witha deep-seated love for the unconventional, reached out to us while they were still in Asia.

Event Details

Their vision was clear: a wedding that echoed their nomadic lifestyle, deep-rooted values of freedom and care for the planet, and, of course, their love for a great party. Our first consultation was a deep dive into their world. We explored venues, suppliers, decorations, and budgets, ensuring every detail resonated with their non-conformist ethos.

The result was a wedding plan that was as unique as their love story. The planning process presented its challenges, as Ioana and Denis were thousands of miles away. But they placed their trust in us, relying on our virtual meetings to bring their dream wedding to life. The quest for the ideal location led us to Sandalandala in Vama Veche, a place that mirrored their spirit. We curated every element, from the eclectic menu to the vibrant music, ensuring each aspect was a reflection of Ioana and Denis’s personalities. The heart of our planning revolved around creating a concept that was not just a visual treat but a manifestation of the their values. The decorations were a particular highlight, embodying beauty and the essence of their spirited love.

Ioana and Denis’s wedding was one of two festival-themed weddings for our 2022 season and a masterpiece of personalized décor. The venue, brimming with color and life, was the perfect canvas for the ‘Colorful Festival Wedding’ theme. This concept harmonized exquisitely with the venue’s innate charm, creating a magical setting for the celebration. Our team dedicated itself to bringing Ioana and Denis’s personalities and values to life through meticulously crafted decor. We delved into every detail, ensuring that each element reflected their vibrant spirit and journey. Aligning with Ioana and Denis’s passion for travel, we seamlessly integrated a travel theme into their festival wedding. Each table had the name of a country significant to their love story, adorned with photos and anecdotes about how that country strengthened their bond. The entire décor was handcrafted with precision and care. Our workshop became a hive of creativity, where wooden signs were hand-painted, tablecloths and napkins were adorned with special fabric paint in the event’s colors, and vases were given a new life with vibrant hues. The stationery, custom-made, echoed the color scheme of the wedding. We crafted hanging arrangements from hundreds of meters of ribbon, a visual symphony that danced above the guests. In a stroke of creativity, all natural flowers were carefully pigmented by us, adding an extra touch of beauty to the event’s palette.

In line with the couple’s values, our approach was eco-friendly, with every piece of decor thoughtfully made from materials already available in our workshop. This sustainable practice not only aligned with their love for the planet but also added a layer of meaningfulness to the celebration. Ioana and Denis’s wedding was a festival of love, color, and wanderlust, beautifully encapsulating their journey together. As planners, we took immense pride in turning their vision into a reality, crafting a day that was as unique, adventurous, and eco-conscious as  themselves. This celebration stands as a testament to the power of creativity and the beauty of sustainable, personalized wedding planning.


What an absolutely wonderful experience we had working with Ramona and the "Nunta La Mare" team for our wedding in September 2022! If I could give 7 stars here, I would give all of them, 7 times over! 🤩 We wanted a wedding that was in our own... non-conformist style: we travel 6-10 months a year, work freelance, and haven't had offices since 2017 and 2019 respectively. We believe in freedom, in people, and in caring for one another, as well as for the planet. And we love parties, music, and good vibes. 🤓 We wanted all these things to be reflected in an event that [at least, we hope 🥲] we wouldn't have the chance to organize again. 🙂 But since we were in Asia when we got engaged and began the preparations, we soon realized that we couldn't manage everything from afar, especially since we were set to return to Europe only 6 months later, with just 3 months before the wedding - oh, and... we don't even live in Romania. 🙂 So, at the advice of a friend, we reached out to Nunta La Mare. We had an initial consultation with Ramona Macovei, during which we received a lot of valuable information, from venues to suppliers, decoration, and budget. We realized it would be impossible for us to handle everything from afar, as we mentioned - plus, we wouldn't have had the time for this alongside our daily tasks, so we decided to work with Nunta La Mare. Throughout those 9 months, Ramona and her team worked behind the scenes to find the perfect location [Sandalandala in Vama Veche], the perfect menu, the perfect suppliers [music, entertainment, hair & make-up, you name it], and to bring all of these together in a concept unique to us. We greatly appreciated how organized the girls were, how professional the process was, how much the concept represented us, and how beautifully the decoration turned out... especially since we barely felt the immense effort these people put in to make everything as we imagined... and more.🥰 On the big day, with everything prepared down to the last detail, carefully chosen to represent us and the things and values that guide us, we just took care of the preparations at home and then arrived at the location. And even though we knew what the place would look like and how the program would go, we were continuously moved by the wonderful atmosphere these people created for us.💓 We're deeply grateful for how hard they worked so that it didn't even feel like there was any effort put in - not only did everything go smoothly, but we were only responsible for enjoying ourselves. So, we spent the day and night celebrating, dancing, and rejoicing with our loved ones until morning! Thank you once again for absolutely everything, Ramona, George, and Andreea, and much success in the future!✨ With much love, Ioana & Denis 🎡


Planning, coordination & design: Nunta La Mare

Photography: Cris Voinea ICS Photo

Videography: In Motion Dumbravă

Location: Sandalandala Vama Veche

Band: Smothies & the Urbans

Ceremony Officiant: Ceremonii Umaniste (Daniel)

Photo Corner: Smurf Buss

Treats Bar: Gogo Bubbles

Cake: Sophie Patisserie

Make-up: Iona Mogan

Hair: Marian Gheorghe

Photo Corner: Smurf Bus

Kids entertaiment: Animatori copii Constanța

Accommodation: Adiman, Casa Erica

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