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Anda & Ionuț

Enchanted Seaside Oasis


Enchanted Seaside Oasis


Anda and Ionuț are the kind of people who immediately make you feel like a part of their magical story

Their presence radiates warmth and contagious joy, and their smiles are like a balm for the soul. Their beach wedding was a true delight, a blend of unique moments and intense emotions. Their story began on Thursday with a civil ceremony on a boat, a picturesque setting that perfectly combined the sea and love. The wedding day preparations were full of emotion, with a first look that captured hearts and set the stage for the moments to follow. Then, the beach ceremony paid homage to the beauty of nature, enveloped in the sound of the waves and the sea breeze.

Event Details

The decor was carefully personalized, reflecting their unique story and style. A central element of the design was the Hoya Kerrii plant, a symbol of their love. Ionuț had given Anda this heart-shaped plant at the beginning of their relationship, signifying the start of a deep and enduring love. On the wedding day, each guest received this special plant as a souvenir, touched with emotion.

The party that followed was a spectacle of joy and fun. Music, dancing, and laughter filled the air, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Every detail, from the chosen menu to the delicious sweets and the cocktail bar, was thoughtfully planned to perfectly complement the guests’ experience. The concept harmoniously blended elegant, romantic, and natural elements, creating an atmosphere of dreamy relaxation. The floral arrangements included white tulips, roses, peonies, and a variety of green plants. Every detail, from the emerald green lace tablecloths to the golden metallic accessories, contributed to creating the desired atmosphere. A unique feature was the Hoya Kerrii plants given as favors, adding an original touch. The tables were named after cities and countries they had visited, and quotes from their favorite movies were scattered among the notes, bringing a smile to all the guests. The chosen menu was a perfect blend of flavors, and the sweets and cocktails indulged every guest’s senses. The music was carefully selected, thus completing the magical setting of the evening. Anda and Ionuț’s wedding was a celebration of love, friendship, and the joy of being together. A day when two extraordinary people joined their lives, leaving in everyone’s hearts indelible memories and an example of true love.

Wedding at the sea, a dream come true

Wedding at the sea, a dream come true that with your help turned out as we imagined. You are a wonderful, professional team that took into account all our needs and wishes from the beginning.
We thank the entire team for their efforts and attention! 🤗 Ramona, thank you for my wonderful bouquets, for the arch on the beach that turned out more beautiful than we expected, for the decor in the restaurant, for all the small details that mattered a lot to us. It was a pleasure to collaborate, we all need people like you who want to put their vision into practice, and even more, to be inspired by you and they will certainly not be disappointed. Don't stop making as many people happy as possible. Thank you!🙂🤗


Planning, coordination & design: Nunta La Mare

Civil ceremony on a yacht: All4Boats

Cake (Civil ceremony): Perpetual Moments

Photography: Irina Ionescu Und Photography

Videography: Alex Ionescu UND Media

Location: 360 Lounge Venus

Cocktail Bar: Ambigue Agency

Band: The Bride Stealers

Candy Bar & Cake: Miss Baker

Cake: Miss Baker

Make-up: Oana Busuioc

Hair: Marian Gheorge

Caligraphy: Iona Hobby Land

Stationary: Altfel de invitații

Civil Ceremony

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