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Ralu & Victor

Fun, Love & Prosecco


Fun, Love & Prosecco


It is said that nothing happens by chance…

People come into our lives at exactly the right time. This has been proven to us over and over again throughout the years.

We are more than thrilled that we met Ralu and Victor and that they chose us to be part of their wonderful wedding adventure by the sea. They are simply marvelous!

Event Details

Ralu and Victor are the kind of people you rarely meet. Their relaxed approach and understanding during our collaboration are seldom encountered, and this contributed to the vibe of the wedding day. Although some aspects did not unfold as they expected, they understood that there are situations that cannot be controlled and took things as they came without allowing anything or anyone to overshadow their long-awaited day. So, they fully enjoyed every moment! And how beautiful it was!!! We believe the photos convey very well the energy of July 1st, 2023.

When developing the concept, we considered the story, passions, and styles that represent them to create a unique and memorable experience. This led us to the “Fun, Love & Prosecco” concept, to which we added their favorite styles (Art Deco, Casual, Modern) and the color palette that represents them (white, beige/cream, light blue and green, Coca Cola red) with small accents of gold.

Why Prosecco? When asked about his hobbies, among other things, Victor specified “Opening bottles of prosecco.” And Coca Cola? From the beginning, Ralu mentioned that she wanted a decor featuring Coca Cola bottles with flowers in them.

It was a creative and refreshing approach to a seaside wedding, combining the romantic essence of the sea with the sophisticated refinement of Prosecco and the fun and evocative atmosphere of Coca-Cola. The intention of this unique combination of styles and elements was to create a stylish wedding atmosphere that is at the same time relaxed and contemporary…

This event is a reference for the type of events we organize and aspire to organize. Events based on the couple’s story and the preferences of the guests. Attention to the smallest details and love for people and nature.

How to start :)

After the engagement we decided to use a wedding planner. We don't live in the country and this made us want help even more. Although, even if we lived in the country, we would certainly have turned to Ramona and her team. At first we didn't know exactly what was involved in organizing a wedding the way we really wanted. I thought it was quite simple, location, line-up, menu and that's it. Well, we were wrong, there are so many details to fix that you don't even think about. We had some ideas from which we started, but, being our first wedding :)), we didn't know how to make them concrete so that everything turn out perfectly. Our wedding took place this year, in the summer, in a location that had just opened, it was probably the 2nd wedding, or even the first with a larger number of guests (over 200). From the beginning there were location challenges (what happens if the wind is strong, how do we light the location at night if we don't like the location lights, plus many more that if I describe here people will lose the patience to read. What I can say in short is that you want a wedding during which you can focus on your partner and guests, enjoy everything that happens and not have to deal with organizational or other problems. This is where Ramona came in and helped us with so many things we needed as well as extra things we hadn't discussed. She managed to solve super quickly small problems that appeared at the moment, we didn't even realized about them during the wedding. That was important to us. So, I can't imagine what our wedding would have been like without the help of Ramona and the team. For more details, I don't know if it's possible, but you can contact me and I'll be happy to answer you all (in the time I have available).


Planning, coordination & design: Nunta La Mare
Photography : Irina Ionescu Und Photography
Videography: Daniel Vasilioglu
Location: Faleza 23
Band: Tibi Scobiola Band
Musical moment: Ioan Bogdan
Musical moment: Emaa
Treats Bar: Gogo Bubbles
Cake: Miss Baker
Make-up: Camelia Liti
Photo Corner: Smurf Bus
Prosecco Wall: Nunta La Mare & Ambigue Agency
Kids entertaiment: Animatori copii Constanța

Getting Ready​

Wedding Day Photo Session

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